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Here Are The Most Romantic Places To Visit On This Valentine's Day

We all know February is started and Valentine’s day is just after nine days. February 14 is the day for…

By Administrator in Relationship Travel on February 5, 2017

We all know February is started and Valentine’s day is just after nine days. February 14 is the day for which most of the people wait for. There are some peoples who just wait for this day to make their love feel special; there are some who fear with the thought of Valentine. It can be better to make your Loved ones feel special by taking him/her to a fantastic trip. We are Lucky our India has plenty of romantic places to visit with your love and make them feel special on this Loveday. Here we have some of the places in India to visit on this Valentine’s day with your Love.

1. Jaisalmer

Yes, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is a romantic place more than you imagine. In the deserts, it fascinates and makes a romantic setting to get close to your partner. The sand dunes and humongous makes beautiful backdrops for your love to enjoy it more. For lovers, the month of February is perfect to get lost in the love of each other.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai or Bombay is actually known for its hectic and busy life. But there are some rooftop restaurants which gives a fabulous view of the city. The evening of February’s gentle wind makes you feel special. You can spend your romantic evening with partying full night, drinking, dancing till morning. After all, it’s Mumbai, the city which never Sleeps!

3. Goa

There is a reason why Goa is India’s best holiday spot. Goa is the place where a huge number of tourists come, and you can get private space for yourself. Without turning your heads, you can get close to your partner. It is the ideal holiday spot for lovers, the beaches, sunsets and the most romantic restaurants just make your day.

4. Rann of Kutch

The wide white salty marshland of Gujarat, Rann of Kutch is eye-catching in February. It is the best holiday spot only in Winter. During this time it is famous for Rann Utsav. And in this year the Rann Utsav is till 20, February so Valentine’s day will be great with both beauty and culture. The charming sunset will make your day special.

5. Shillong

Shillong is in the northeastern part of India. Shillong is surrounded by most beautiful natural beauty, and even the weather conditions are so good. The waterfalls, rolling green hills, clean villages, the stunning lakes all these will give you best scenery. To fall in love and celebrate your love, Shillong is the best place.

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