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Here are the 5 Best Valentine Gifts for your Nerdy Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is just knocking on the door, and you still haven’t figured out what are you going to gift…

By Administrator in Impress a guy on February 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just knocking on the door, and you still haven’t figured out what are you going to gift your boyfriend? This is alarming but not for those dating geeky-boyfriend. Geeky guys are easy to please, and they are just grateful for every little thing that you do for them. Are you looking for geeky yet sweet ideas? Take a look at these top Valentine’s Day gifting ideas for your favorite geek.

1. Trackr Bravo –

Is your nerdy boyfriend always looking for his keys, wallet, Smartphone or scientific calculator? If yes then this will make a perfect gift for him this Valentines. The Trackr Bravo is a coin-sized device that can be attached to any item, and it helps to locate it through the medium of GPS Technology or a distance indicator app. Priced at INR 1900 it is available in a variety of colors.
PRICE –  Rs.  2,100.00

2. Math Equation Watch

A watch that displays maths equation instead of numbers will surely impress your nerdy boyfriend. Priced at INR 2700 it is unquestionably a very quirky and different valentine day gifts for your beloved. Even if your geeky boyfriend is not a math lover, this Math Equation Watch is something that he will love to wear it for work every single day.
PRICE –  Rs. 699.00

3. Misfit Beddit Sleep System

The Fitbit brand defines the new era of fitness and has become extremely popular. Much in the same manner, the Misfit Beddit Sleep System provided a detailed analysis of your sleep. This gadget records and analyzes heart rate, movement, respiration, sleep pattern and even your snoring. Your geeky lover will surely freak upon this one, plus you will also get evidence for his loud snores.
PRICE –  Rs. 8,372.00

4. Binary “I love You” Print Mug –

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you surely want your special nerdy to know how much you love him. So nothing better than presenting this Binary” I Love You” Print Mug that conveys your feelings in binary code. However, don’t forget to add some chocolates and flowers using your creativity.
PRICE –  Rs. 399

Binary I love you

5. Stuffed Animal Computer Monitor Wipes

So your geeky lover spends most of the time (when he is not with you) in front of his monitor. These scented wipes stuffed in the big belly of a cute little chimp will surely help him to keep his surroundings clean of any filth. Well, he’ll always feel there is someone keeping an eye on him in your absence!
PRICE –  $9.99

Gifting chocolates, stuffed animals, and flowers are no longer the staple ways to express love for your special partner.

These unconventional gifts for your nerd boyfriend will make him feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

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