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Here are some people who got famous in 2016 due to Internet!

2016 has been the year of Internet and it’s no-ending trolls on social media websites. Internet power can make any…

By Administrator in Viral on December 28, 2016

2016 has been the year of Internet and it’s no-ending trolls on social media websites. Internet power can make any common man a famous celebrity only by making them viral. Internet trolls of 2016 have entertained people every moment there is always something to laugh on. Here are all the viral trolls and Internet famous people whom you will surely remember as a part of this year.

1. Pakistani Blue-eye Chaiwala.

Pakistan’s ordinary man who was a Chaiwala got famous on the Internet. His looks and his blue eyes which were so attractive that girls were going mad for him all over the country. From Chaiwala of Pakistan, he came to India and here he became a model. He makes us believe the Internet power.


2. ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’.

Demonetization most entertaining part was Sonam Gupta. We still feel sympathetic for all the girls who have their name, Sonam Gupta. Sonam Gupta was written on a 10 rupee note and got trolled on the Internet the most in this year.

sonam gupta

3. Virendra Sehwag.

Sehwag one of the legend cricketer we have. He has always been famous when it comes to his trolls. He is always active on Twitter and tweets his views. We all remember his tweets on soldiers which went viral and got trolled.

virendra sehwag

4. Watchman-Singer.

Watchman who got famous a month ago for his singer and got viral on Facebook. Shauwik from Kolkata was a Watchman of a residential building and used to love singing. He used to sing Arijit Singh songs people thought he could beat big Bollywood singers with his voice.


5. Australian Chaiwali.

After the Pakistani Chaiwala, the tradition continued and this woman got discovered by the Internet. An Indian- based woman in Australia owns a shop where she serves tea with the taste of Indian masala. She is an independent woman and people there are crazy for her tea.


6. Afreen Girl.

Coke studio Pakistan season 9 has broken all the records with the song ‘Afreen Afreen’. This song is one of the highest rated songs on Youtube. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with  Momina Mustehsan have just nailed it with their voice. The singer is so cute and that’s surely the cherry on the cake.


Internet trolling and making viral videos making people famous has been a routine. They get you the best entertainment for free. Lucky ones get the fame just doing nothing so did the Chaiwala. You never know you can be the next one.

The Internet made them famous. Next can be you!

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