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Here are some Local food of famous places for every foodie in India which you cannot miss.

Food from all over the country and when it’s India as the country then nothing can be more ethnic. India…

By Administrator in Food on January 18, 2017

Food from all over the country and when it’s India as the country then nothing can be more ethnic. India has always been known throughout the world for its spices & flavors which no one can beat. From street panipuri to proper Rajdhani Thali, traditional food and the local food specialty of every corner of the country remains alive from decades.
What can make you happier than food? Nothing right, there is something from every place in India for every foodie. So, start taking them down in your bucket-list so that you do not miss anything.

1. Delhi – Chaat.

Delhi the capital of our country. While we talk about Delhi what comes to our mind is Chaat. Delhi’s chaat has been very famous the spices panipuri. Shiiieee! YAY! That taste you just felt have them they are the best thing in Delhi which you cannot miss.

Here are some Local food of famous places for every foodie in India which you cannot miss. 1

2. Mumbai – Vadapav.

Mumbai the dream city. Aamchi Mumbai has the best local food there are so many Khaogaali’s at every local station. It is rightly said, ‘No one in Mumbai can sleep hungry.’ The best local famous food which cost only Rs 10 is ‘Vadapav’ os which stalls you will find on every street of Mumbai.


3. Banglore – Idli, Dosa.

Banglore a hub of South India. One of the famous metropolitan cities with the South specialty. Everyone in the morning in Banglore has a fixed breakfast the best local food is Idli & Dosa. If added with morning filter coffee nothing can beat that breakfast.


4. Banaras – Malaiyos.

Banaras is a very holy place. The mornings of Banaras are special and makes it more unique with the morning dews of Malaiyo which is the famous local dish of the city. The flavored milk served in a cup made of mud which is traditionally very famous from the olden times. Your mornings in Banaras has to add this to your list.


5. Hyderabad – Biryani.

Hyderabad is not only known for its historic monuments. A foodie will surely know about the popular thing in this city. Right! Hyderabadi Biryani which is served in so many different styles that you will be confused when the menu is in your hand. The garnishing and the rice cooked is perfect with the spices taste which fills your stomach fully with one plate.


6. Rajasthan – Thali.

Rajasthan the colorful state with the bare essence. Rajasthani’s will give you so much of variety that you will just look and get confused. If you can have a full Rajasthani Thali alone, then you have won it. There is a variety from Dal Bhatti Choorma, Khadhi, Ker-Sangariya these are some ethnic specialty dishes.


7. Sikkim – Momos.

North-India has its beauty, and the nature beauty is a gift of God to them. With the beautiful vicinity always restored around them, the food is another plus point. Momos of Sikkim are so soft, mouth-watering and the shape is same like the Modhaks. They have a special filling in it, and then they are baked. With the spicy chutney, it is complete.


8. Punjab – Paratha.

Are you visiting Punjab with a daily diet plan? Then your trip is just waste. Punjabi food will make you quit all your dedicated diet plans without ghee and butter nothing is served. Parotha, chola bathura, saarso ka saag maakhe di roti. OMG! I cannot wait now they are so tempting and so Desi just feels like having them.


Are you hungry already? Take a trip soon to these places and enjoy the food. Go, Foodies!

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