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Here are pictures of Michelle Obama on her last round in 'White House' they will melt your heart.

America has been in a crucial stage these days, and everything is very serious. The newly elected US President Donald Trump and Melina Trump are going to take over the White House for next eight years. Respected and always loved US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama leave the people’s house yesterday and it was an emotional moment for the entire country.
A very painful goodbye by Michelle Obama, FLOTUS has posted some beautiful pictures on social media which were captured on her last round in the White House. A house which she lived in for continuous eight years so much of attachment with the place. The kind hearted woman thanked everyone in the country all those people and even mentioned that it was an honor for her to be the First Lady.
The pictures of the real-life couple which is always looking forward to by the whole world have such cute pictures to share with their people. Pictures standing on the balcony for the last time in the White House will surely leave you with a feeling of Aww! Michelle has even uploaded pictures with her cute dogs, and they are truly adorable.

Here are your awaited adorable pictures shared by Michelle Obama.

The video shared by FLOTUS of her last walk in the White House with her two cute little dogs. In a show, she appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show where she expressed her emotions of her last few days in White House and how it’s so hard to leave. She has given a surprise in her farewell speech of thanking each person every single individual for such a pride.

This picture made my heart melt. We love you, Barack Obama! A perfect family picture.

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