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Here are all your Bollywood dream scenes which you always wish to enjoy in your real life.

Bollywood has been attached to your daily life. Bollywood scenes fit into your mind like you always wish your answer…

By Administrator in Bollywood on December 13, 2016

Bollywood has been attached to your daily life. Bollywood scenes fit into your mind like you always wish your answer would have been in your mind. Everyone has scenes like dreams someone who will love me the same way like Shahid loves Amrita in Vivah and many other movies. Drama, thrill, action, all the spices of Hindi film will always leave you excited and happy. They play with your emotions just by entertaining you and is the best way to get a break off from your busy schedule.

Here are all the favorite movie scenes which every girl or boy most have wanted to once get fulfilled in their life’s.

1. “Koi toh rokh lo”.

The airport scene like we all must have had a dream someone comes to stop us and never let us go far from them at the end moment.

jane tu ya jane na

2. “Bahuji mujhe mera pyaar ka paas jana do”.

The end of Dilwale dulhaniya le jayega how can we forget that. All my tissue go wet when i watch that ending of DDLJ. The epic happy ending while she runs to catch the train.


3. “Mai dhodhna chatha hu naina, girna chahta hu bas rukhna nahi chahta”.

The top of the mountain and you with your love we all have this beautiful dream. Such adventures and amazing trips are so full of excitement and thrill. Bollywood has restored every nut and hazel for its audience.


4. “Udati hui meri chiffon sari and woh thandi vadeyi”.

The 1990’s dream where you are wearing a chiffon plain color saree and with your lover dancing in a garden or a really cold place like Kashmir. Oh! such dreams.


5. “Yeh madrasni mera puttar ki janani kabhi nahi”.

We always wish that all couples would have a happy ending like the Hindi cinema Bollywood films. Two people who are in love and are inter-caste have always this dream like the Bollywood endings have.


6. “Mein tumhe gala laga ka roo sakta hu”.

Friendzoned. We all must have surely missed are bestfriend and if we don’t have one would have been sad for the moment that no one who is so crazy as you. We all want someone with whom we can be crazy.


7. “Kehto main romance”.

Luxury is boring. Romance in hotel room parties are so common but the Indian couples will always have this desi dream of romancing in farming fields comes true. Such a lifetime thing.


Awww! We all wish the same, someone please do this for me.

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