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Here are all the small little happiness every girl expects a ‘Guy’ to do with her.

We are always running in the race of life to earn money, luxury, and comfort but that’s not real happiness….

By Administrator in Relationship on December 12, 2016

We are always running in the race of life to earn money, luxury, and comfort but that’s not real happiness. A girl will never get attracted to your money but only your soul. The small little happiness in doing mad things and not being sophisticated enjoying life to her fullest is what all she expects from her guy. Time and attention on your girl and she is yours. Here are the small little things that will make your girl happy for a really long time.

1. “She will love your late night calls and it is no disturbance to her”.

Time is all what a girl needs and money cannot replace it. Her smallest happiness is only talking to you no need of any gifts just your priority.

late night calls

2. “Compliment her however you can, those little compliments matter”.

Appreciate her when she has been awarded, love her for her inner beauty and adore her for her uniqueness she wants all of that.

3. “Treat her like she is your best mate try sharing all that you can with her, she would love to listen.”

Best friends who become couple are best-proved relations. This is because they do not get scared or hesitate before sharing anything to the person who will understand them. This is where you gain call her your best friend.

bff hugs

4. “Make plans with her for shopping, lunch, dinner.” Be the first one to that.

Leave her with a small little letter to be ready to go with you for dinner dates. That would make her day like the brightest. Small little gestures that matter not a grand proposal with a huge party.


5. “Be crazy enjoy the little things get mad on streets it’s nothing awkward”.

Get crazy in your relationship people who are serious will never experience the joy of being in a mad relationship. Be childish and matured at the same time. Little sparkle and laughter is always joyful.

mad bff

6. “Take her to dates like this, explore together.”

That cruise, restaurant dates are not always fun. Explore together get to know each other with nature’s beauty. Fall in love with each other in the stormy cozy nights camping on the highest peaks and enjoying the beautiful views.

cozy nights

All that she expects is these little make your relations more joyful and happening then serious and restricted. Let the individual uniqueness attract each other. Make the world jealous with your girl just enjoying with her like you do with another friend.

It’s simple! Don’t gift her a watch when you cannot gift her your time.

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