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Here are all the key points PM Modi addressed in ‘Parivartan Rally’ at Moradabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigns for BJP in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday ahead of the U.P assembly elections next year. This is PM Modi’s third rally in Moradabad after BJP’s victory in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. Earlier PM Modi also addressed other districts of Uttar Pradesh like Ghazipur, Agra and Kushinagar for ‘Parivartan rally’. The next destination for Modi’s rally in the state is Rampur.

In the Parivartan Rally, PM Modi took to the stage and said It’s the dishonest people who are unable to go to banks and deposit their black-money are the ones complaining against the government’s demonetisation move. He also reiterated the government’s push to go cashless as he said there are 40 crore smartphones in the country today and everything is available on mobile banking, net banking and through credit and debit cards and we just need to download the app on our phone.

PM Modi also said in Parivartan Rally at Moradabad, that for 40 crore people, everything is possible without visiting a bank or standing in queues.

Modi Ji further highlighted the progress made by the country’s villages as there were 18,000 villages in the country without electricity and the government promised that within 1,000 days India will no longer suffers from electricity shortages and as not even half of that time has passed and Modi government has already been good on delivering their promise.

Parivartan rally moradabad

Here are top 5 Key points PM MODI addressed in the Parivartan Rally in Moradabad –

  1. Modi Ji asked poor people in whose account black money was deposited by influentials, to not touch the money and if they are insisted on asking for money, ask for the proof.
  2. He said, Today the one’s who have piles of black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help.
  3. PM Narendra Modi at the Parivartan Rally also said, that today the one’s who have stashed black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help.
  4. Modi asked everyone, Is fighting corruption a crime? and later said why is some people calling him wrong for fighting corruption.
  5. He asked corruption should be eradicated or should be allowed to prevail, will it go on its own?

PM Modi also mentioned, If one has to eradicate poverty from the country, it is essential to develop big states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and he also mentioned that he wanted to initiate a fight against poverty from Uttar Pradesh. He also said that he assure people that he won’t let anyones hard work, sacrifice and struggle go in vein due to the demonetisation policy.

PM Modi also made a strong pitch for development by saying, if one has to eradicate poverty from the country, it is essential to ensure development in the big states. There needs to a focus on large states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra, not only because of the size of these states but also because these states have very large number of people living in poverty as it is because of the spread of development that there are now lights in many houses across the country. Yet, there are parts which are yet to see an electricity pole.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed BJP volunteers at the Parivartan Rally in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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