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Here are all the Interesting Facts about Janardhan daughter’s Big Fat Wedding!

Everything is fair love and war, but now everything is also fair in politics. A grand arrangements of Janardhan’s daughter wedding…

By Administrator in Viral on November 16, 2016

Everything is fair love and war, but now everything is also fair in politics. A grand arrangements of Janardhan’s daughter wedding is on the go! Mr. Reddy daughter is set to tie a knot with Rajeev Reddy at the wedding ceremony which is happening on the 16th november 2016. the BJP president and other minsters attended this grand wedding. according to sources it is said the the BJP minsters were said no to be associated with Janardhan and to keep clean and shut.

The arrangements of the great big fat Reddy wedding has started and the rituals are already started and the and the rituals are performed on the big sets of Bengaluru . According to the reports it is said that Janardhan says that “he has constructed the whole fake village”. The whole expenditure of the grand wedding is about 500 crore. Being a criminal and visiting the jail for few years.

Most expensive wedding cards

Mr. Reddy has spent 5 crore on the wedding invitation card of her daughter as the card has the LCD screen when you open the box and it shows “BRAMANI WEDS RAJEEV REDDY” and is followed by the songs and dance performed by the family.

Money spent on the arrangements

Reddy has kept 10 of his properties on mortgage and taken a loan for her daughter wedding. he has spent 10 crore on the arrangements, 20 crore on the food, 20 crore on the transportation for the guest and hundereds of crores on her daughters and other family members jewellery and clothes. He has started his transaction few months ago.


Iconic Wedding

Janardhan has invited many politicians celebs from Tamil, Hindi and Kannad industries and also some of the great dignitaries. If to believe on the reports, it is said the Reddy has paid a lot of the money to the celebs to make for the event and also many of the celebs are here to perform for the daughter’s wedding ceremony.


Security arrangements

Mr. Reddy has appointed 30,000 bouncers and also some of the police personnel to take care and keep security for the VVIP’s and he has also appointed bomb squads and dogs as well on the wedding palace groud.


Priests called for the Ceremony

Janardhan has called eight priest to perform the rituals of the wedding ceremony of the wedding the do the big pooja of their deity Lord Venkateshwara and the main pooja will be performed by Reddy and his family.


The Great Wedding Set

He has built the set as a form of small town Bellary and different kind of streets like Cowl Bazaar, Dhanappa Beedi street, and has made his school as well where he has studied. he has also built two different bunglows for the groom’s family and the bride’s family. The dining is at the center made by the Bollywood art directors

Arrangements of transportation for Guests.

50,000 guest will attend the wedding and he has book 1,500 room in the star hotels and has booked cabs for the guest to reach them to the venue. He has booked bullock carts for the VVIP’s from the entrance to the mandap.


Such a great Wedding!

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