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Here are all the crazy things which you will relate to with your ‘Guy’ Bestfriend.

Best friends are crazy, aren’t they? They are your all kinds of zone friendzone, fight zone, happy zone, crying zone, you can always rely on them at any point of time. You both are weird and it will add a plus if you are a combination of opposite sex. ‘Weirdness’ is at the top scale and the place will never matter. There is always a sense of comfort and an assured belief that you both are never going to be apart. #Bestfriends Forever.

Here are all the crazy facts you might haven’t realized with your Guy Best Friend:

1- “You will not need anyone else close to you all your wishes are complete without any commitment,just a call, and your drive would be ready”.


2- “He will never know your favorite color but will know will know how to cheer you up”.


3-“People would be thinking that you both are dating but Blah! you don’t care”.

Here are all the crazy things which you will relate to with your 'Guy' Bestfriend. 1

4-“You are surely going to get jealous if you get to know your best friend is hooking up with someone”.

best friend hooking

5-“They will keep all your secrets, and won’t vomit them out ever”.

bff hugs

6-“You are going to be tomboyish and will never crib about it”.


7-“The best part is you’ll have the least time to back bitch or gossip about anyone, you both are mad at each other”.

mad bff

8-“You can get mad after drinking because you know someone is there to protect you”.


9-“You no more can handle the girly things and all your girlfriends are jealous of your relations with your best friend”.


No wonder it is one of the best relationship and a treasure of life to have such best friends. Slap them when mad, fight with them when angry, laugh with them when happy, cry on their shoulders if hurt you have all of them and never will they leave you. From being weird to mad nothing will be awkward anymore and all comes to you without any commitments.

WAOH! Now that’s what you call true ‘Friendship’. Keep enjoying the madness with your bff’s.

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