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Here are 8 Bollywood movie which had unexpected ending and we bet you never knew what was coming

Here’s a list of Bollywood movies which were engaging throughout and even more mind flipping towards their climax and we bet…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 29, 2016

Here’s a list of Bollywood movies which were engaging throughout and even more mind flipping towards their climax and we bet the unexpected ending made you go “Woah! WTF just happened?”

1. Bluffmaster:

The Movie was going smoothly in a particular direction, the villain Nana Patekar throws our protagonist Abhishek Bachhan from the roof a building and from that moment the movie takes a 180 degree turn, everything turns out to be a sham. Last 10 minutes are taken to explain the twist and the audience is left gasping. WTF!

2. Kahaani:

An innocuous pregnant Vidya Balan in search for her husband who is missing from past few days in an unknown city Kolkata. The plot is set for a suspense filled end which probably would result in either Vidya finding her husband or not finding him. But alas! it is nothing that we are thinking. That pregnant harmless women is far from what she seems. Well, throughout the movie you will make 50 predictions, but at last the suspense will be the 51st.

3. Special 26

A classic Bollywood twist yet done so beautifully. Neeraj Pandey pulls off a beautiful win for the protagonists when you think they were losing all along. Akshay Kumar and Co. hatch a plan to loot a high profile jewelry shop and retire forever. However, Manoj Bajpai and Co. have all ploys ready to nab them at the crime scene and spoil their party. While your heart hopes Akshay to get away, your mind forever supports Manoj Bajpai to do the right thing. But who wins? There’s only one way to know – watch the movie!

4. Karthik Calling Karthik:

Another Indian flick with a good plot twist. So in the start I was just like, ‘Yeah this movie is pretty sub power, with the blind guiding the blind’. Little did I know they’d be the same damn person. The climax was good and the way it build up was really commendable, I just need to know why the doctor waited so long to declare the news.

5. Bhool Bhulaiya:

Bhool Bhulaiya was quite an intriguing psychological drama that leaves you guessing till the end. The story revolves around Vidya Balan and her husband Siddharth who have returned to India to stay in their ancestral home. The story takes an unexpected twist when the mansion they reside in seems to be haunted by the ghost of “Manjulika” who is hell bent on taking her revenge. The plot thickens further when Akshay Kumar comes to solve this strange mystery that is haunting the mansion. The ending surely leaves people questioning everything they believed during the movie.

6. Drishyam:

Some of my able minded friends boosted that they could see this end coming, but not me for sure especially the part where the mortal remains of the dead were hidden. A suspense movie in true sense after a long time in Hindi cinema.

7. Shagird:

Just when Nana Patekar killed all the bad guys and get all the money he wanted, and everybody was like it would be happy ending for him Something unpredictable occurs. When Nana Patekar goes to send money to his family through Kamlesh (the money launderer guy, Veerendra Saxena),  who helps him launder money when he needs to, he is shot twice by Kamlesh. Kamlesh tells him that he also has a family to feed and that he has never seen such a big amount in his whole life and that has made him disloyal. Kamlesh then shoots him a third time before walking out with the money. He then dials a number – it is shown that Mohit’s cell keeps on ringing on road where he lies dead, assuming Mohit arranged the plot, and walks off.

8. Baahubali, The Beginning:

This is no secret now that there’s a huge twist in the climax of the first part of the two part Baahubali series. Baahubali is a tale of warring brothers who are up in arms to win the throne of the Mahishmati kingdom. And at the centre of the tale is Katappa, the war lord and the wisest man of the kingdom. While Katappa is dedicated to serving Mahishmati and Baahubali, the twist in the climax of the movie shows something totally unexpected which leads to the fall of Baahubali. Does Katappa have something to do with that? Watch the movie before the second part hits theaters!

These movies will leave you on tenterhooks till the end as their twists are what define the plot and make them stand out from the usual Bollywood films.

*Pauses the movie, crawls into the foetus position, stare into the dark, and wonder WHAT THE EFF JUST HAPPENED*


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