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Here are 7 ways to avoid daily fights in your relationship and live a happy life.

Where there is Love, there will be fights. This seems convincing for every girl or boy at the start when…

By Administrator in Relationship on January 6, 2017

Where there is Love, there will be fights. This seems convincing for every girl or boy at the start when you have small quarrels, sweet fights which are sometimes needed in a relationship. Fights when increases to a level where all that you feel is stress, irritation and you start hating yourself. All that you need to understand that it is not necessary to leave the person you can always avoid things to clash. Here are some ways which will help you to avoid fights in your relationship.

1. Understand each other.

Compatibility¬†in a relationship is very important. You need to understand each other’s situation then quarrel about what you feel is right. You expect that your partner understands our moods swings and does not complain about them.


2. Listen first, then react.

Any relationship for it to grow smoothly all you need to do is listen what your partner wants to tell you. You are special they will always want to share everything with you but if you aren’t listening to its going to make the other person feel disrespectful.


3. Deal with the situation.

People often try getting rid of the situation instead od dealing with it and that’s where they make the mistake. Sit and try solving the situation it is easier and if you love each other forgiveness will automatically take the route.


4. Don’t go to bed angry.

Fighting is not the problem not trying to solve it is the problem and that’s where your ego clashes. Don’t¬†ever let ego come between your love try solving the fights the day itself let the person know at the end that you both are madly in love with each other and that’s what most important.

bed angry

5. Blame Game on!

Never play with each other’s feelings and emotions try solving the problem. We always tend to blame each other rather than accepting our mistake. Sit together try and figure out what went wrong and find the best solution.


6. Figure out the ‘Right’.

Instead of fighting continuously and ruining the relationship which you will surely regret to take a better step. If you both love each other there is always a solution figure out what went wrong and find the right path further so that you live a happy love life.

whats right

7. What’s Important?

If by chance you reach a stage where you feel that Breakup is the only solution take a pause. This time you need think what is more important the fights your ego or the person you love. This will answer all questions of your disturbed mind.


Your love is more important. Stop fighting! Start solving and Have a Happy life.

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