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Here are 7 ways for you to know that you are dating the right Guy.

Yes, it isn’t easy, it really isn’t in this generation to find the right Guy. While we all are in…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 31, 2016

Yes, it isn’t easy, it really isn’t in this generation to find the right Guy. While we all are in a fuzz of whom to date and whether the person is right for us or not. The Right Guy will come to you it does not always have to be judged don’t force love to come your way. Love forced will lead to a short-term relationship go for a long time relationship this time girls. Fall for it and make your relationship happily ever after. Here are all the little ways which will let you know whether you are with your Mr. Right.

1. He cares for you.

Caring is always wrongly taken by girls as possessiveness. Your boy is the right one if says you a ‘No’ to be with a guy who is not safe. That’s when you know he cares for you. Health to all your small little troubles he will care whether your hard times turn good soon.


2. He is Your Bestfriend.

Best friend relations have always been the strongest and never easy to have a breakup with. If he is your best friend and you both are crazy with each other can be mad at each other, this is the Right place and right guy babe. Nothing is better than Dating a person who understand you more than yourself.


3. He takes out time for you.

Time is the most mismatched thing between a couple. Time will create a lot of issues if you Guy does not remove time for you then he isn’t worth your priority. Work is necessary but for the person, you work for, and if he sets life goals with you he should remove time for you.


4. He should Trust you.

Girls you will always face this issues at a regular interval basis. The stereotypes of Guys can do anything but Girls cannot, if this is what your guy says you then you are with the wrong one. Be independent even when you are in a relationship. If he does not trust you when you are with your friends he is not your Mr. Right.


5. He misses you and keeps tagging you in Love post.

Tagging you in all the love spotted post and memes is one way he tells you that he misses you while he is watching others in love. When especially you are in a long distance relationship this matters a lot you have to give signals to your love that you miss her. If he doesn’t miss you and there are no signal you should check out there is something fishy going on or not.


6. He appreciates you.

Appreciation is not always for your looks that are mandatory, but there are many other things you wait for your Guy to understand. He should appreciate your good work and support ou. Always remind you that you are his Princess and he adores you always that’s where he will win your heart.


7. Life & Love goals.

If he wants you to be his forever his plans for future will always include you. Your teenage love will have all the lovey-dovey plans but your life goals will be serious. If he is your Prince and he wants you his Princess then his plans will tell you how serious he is about the relationship.

life goals

If he passes on all these hold on to him. He is your Mr.Right.

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