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Here Are 7 Types of Guys Who Are Totally Worth Your Time

We come across different types of individuals in our lives. While some effortlessly swipe you off your feet, there are…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on July 10, 2017

We come across different types of individuals in our lives. While some effortlessly swipe you off your feet, there are some whom you never desire to face again. So you might be wondering how will know if the guy turns out to be your dream guy? Here we present you 7 interesting types of guys who are totally worth your time. These guys can woo you by just being themselves and believe me they can steal your heart with a blink of an eye. Read on.

1. The guy who can hear you non-stop

It goes without saying that we girls love to talk incessantly. And there’s nothing better than finding a guy who can listen to your rants non-stop. Such guys are very patient and they never ever seem to mind your talking. These types of guys are extremely reliable and you should never let them go.


2. The guy who walks you home

You are an independent woman and can surely manage your things but it totally feels awesome to have someone around you to care for. No matter what time of the day it is or how far you need to go, that guy will make sure to just be around.


3. The guy who can tickle your funny bone

Funny, witty guys are too adorable to let them go. The guy’s good sense of humour can make you feel lighter even during tense moments. Such guys are full of positivity and totally worth your time.


4. The guy who keeps his words

There will be men who will promise to bring down the stars and moon for you, but trust me girl only few of them live by their promise. And a guy who keeps his words is surely not to be missed for anything.


5. The guy who is eager to introduce you to his world

If a guy is really interested in you and serious about your relationship he can’t wait to introduce you to his friends and family. He really wants you to get along with his family and such guys are definitely worth your time.


6. The guy who does not run away from commitment

These guys are mature and understand what commitments means in any relationship. If they feel that you are made for each other types, they will never let you go. Such guys look for stability in a relationship and if you come across one, rest assured he will always keep you happy.


7. The guy who believes in women empowerment

This guy has respect for every women and he truly believes in word women empowerment. For him women are at par with men and the word sex discrimination holds no meaning for him.


These were the 7 types of guys who are completely worth your time.

Hold on to them when you meet them by chance, and who knows you might get luckier!

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