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Here Are 7 Things You Would Relate To If You Have A Big Heart

People in today’s life have become more self-centred and pragmatic. Relationships are more like a business deal and even the…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on June 24, 2017

People in today’s life have become more self-centred and pragmatic. Relationships are more like a business deal and even the matters of heart are weighed on the scale of profits and returns. The power of a smile, touch, kind words and helping hand has lost its meaning. Being kind, caring and compassionate are looked upon as the most underrated virtues.

Do you find yourself lost among all this mayhem? Are you sensitive towards other people needs? If yes, you are surely among the blessed souls with a big heart, who make this world a better place to live in. If you have a big heart, these are the 7 things you would surely relate to.

1. You care for everyone around you

For a person with a big heart, there is no one who can be tagged as a bad person. You do not judge people for the actions they committed, and instead, give everyone a benefit of doubt. Such wonderful people care for other without expecting it back from them.


2. You easily forgive people, too many a times

A person with a beautiful heart that you are, forgiveness comes easy for you. you don’t believe in giving back to people and easily forgive them for hurting you, even if they don’t apologize or those who shouldn’t be forgiven.


3. You hold on to your feelings if it can hurt other’s feelings

You are not the expressive kind who believes in giving back to the world. When you need to convey a message to anyone, you weigh your words as you never want to hurt people.


4. The word revenge does not exist in your dictionary

When I say this it doesn’t mean that you are scared of giving it back to people, rather you always have something better to look out for in life. The concerned person isn’t worth your time.


5. You are always eager to go an extra mile for others

Having a big heart means you don’t mind doing things for people even if it means going beyond your comfort zone. Some undeserving person uses this special quality of yours to their advantage. So behold, and go extra mile only for the right people in your life.


6. You feel hurt often

There have been plenty of instances of you crying alone in a room. Hurtful words and actions of other around you make you feel low but it also helps you emerge as a stronger person.


7. You also feel rewarded for your big heart

‘What you give is what you get’ and you are a living proof of it. The goodness that you spread around is rewarded back in your life and you truly deserve it, my friend.


Coming across selfless souls with big heart amongst the sea of ego-centric people is always a pleasurable experience.

This post is an ode to such people who always look for the best in everyone. Are you among them? Do not forget to tag your friend with a big heart and make them feel special.

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