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Here are 7 simple Life lessons you learn from your pet best friend!

Man is the most gifted creature of God, yet we have made our life so miserable that sometimes when you…

By Administrator in Lifestyle on April 18, 2017

Man is the most gifted creature of God, yet we have made our life so miserable that sometimes when you look at your pet friend, you long to live your life in such a carefree manner. It may sound strange but you can potentially learn a lot of thinks about life with your canine companion. No wonder that this four-legged animal is known to be a man’s best friend. Take a look at these 7 simple life lessons you learn from your pet friend and this will totally leave you in awe.

1. Acknowledge everyone with a smile

Your dog is always eager to greet you even when you turn up at random hours. Does this not make you feel happy? If yes, then how about acknowledging every person you come across with a warm smile. While some (insane) people might find it weird but most of the time this gesture of yours will surely cheer up others.


2. Love is the best medicine

You must have heard stories how aggressive dogs can be transformed into gentle pets by simply providing them a loving environment. This teaches us that love can heal almost anything and it is the most wonderful feeling to share with others around.


3. Let things go

Your canine pet friend loves you unconditionally and so even when you did not respond to his barking or give him a treat last night, he forgets it as quickly. Dogs are never angry with their owners. Life is too beautiful to weigh it down by holding grudges. So forget things and move on.


4. Express joy when you feel

If your dog is happy you can easily sense this in his excitement. They show their happiness by jumping, running or even licking at your feet. In a bid to live our life better than others, we forget to celebrate the little pleasures of life. When was the last time you expressed your joy freely without any apprehensions? Well, this is something you need to learn from your canine friend.


5. Why bite when a growl can take care of it

Dogs do not bite always if they feel threatened. Most of the times they warn with a snarl. This practice works for us as well. If someone is annoying you, instead of lashing out right away, warm them. They may take the hint and eventually back off. Saves you from all the negativities!


6. Take time out to play

The age old saying ‘All work and no play will make you dull’ still holds true. You can learn this important lesson of life from your four-legged friend. Taking time out to play will help you to re-discover the pure joys of your childhood.


7. Eat to your heart’s content

Have you ever heard your dog dieting? Your pet friend eats all that he desires and is still not dealing with the ill-effects of obesity. This certainly teaches us that it’s not what or how much you eat that causes health issues. Physical activity is what we are hinting at. So if you are foodie have been holding back your cravings, it’s time to indulge yourself in some scrumptious treats. P.S. – Don’t forget your workout after that!


To sum up, living with your canine friend is not just fun, it teaches you a whole lot about some of these beautiful experiences of life. Isn’t it awesome to learn so much from your furry friend! Having a pet friend can indeed good for your health and happiness.

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