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Here Are 7 Signs That You Are A Anti-Social Person

Every person is different and we love being the way that we are. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it….

By Abhinav D Anand in Featured on June 30, 2017

Every person is different and we love being the way that we are. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. So what if you like staying alone and do not like being the social bee that everyone is so pretentious about. We all like being left alone to ourselves some times, but if you despise company all the times, you are simply being anti-social. Still haven’t figured it out? Here are 7 signs that tell you are an anti-social person.

1. When you are happier when plans are cancelled

You most succumb to social obligations and give your nod for dinner or drinks with friends. But if the plan gets cancelled you are happier and relieved, secretly.



2. You hate getting ready for special occasions

Stepping out itself is a pain for you, and to make it worse you are asked to look your very best. Being antisocial you hate going to parties that send invites with dress code. Now wasn’t that uncalled for?


3. You never answer a door bell

This certainly means exchanging a few pleasantries with the coming guests and you despise doing it with all conviction. Even when you are forced to answer the door bell, your expressions are enough to make the person feel he landed at a wrong place.


4. Your favourite list is empty

There is no person in your social circle whom you love hanging around with. You have no one on your list to match your level of thinking or make you feel good just being around. For you it’s always been only you.


5. All your calls go unanswered

You do have a smart phone but receiving calls is not in your agenda. All your calls go to the voicemail and you somehow always ‘forget’ to check your voicemail when you are accused of not calling back again.


6. You despise your neighbours

An antisocial person that you are, you prefer living in solitude, away from the maddening crowd. However if you are forced to live in a society you try as much as you come to avoid any confrontation with your neighbours. You still prefer to lead a solitude life.


7. You run when you spot a known face in public places

You are out in a store shopping and suddenly you sight someone known at the same place. Do you go forward and acknowledge the person? Hell no, you straight run from the store or try hiding until that person has left the place.


Some of these signs most of us can relate to. But for an antisocial person all of these hold true. Being anti-social is a choice and it isn’t bad after all. Do not forget to tag all such antisocials in your contact list.


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