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Here Are 7 Myths About Bengalis That They Have To Deal With Everyday!

India is a land of diversified religion and communities. Each of these communities has their own oddities and eccentricities, few…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on May 18, 2017

India is a land of diversified religion and communities. Each of these communities has their own oddities and eccentricities, few of them turn out to be hilarious. We Indians truly love exaggerating these stereotypes on the myriad communities, for humor. Not that even one out of them is based on any truth or can be justified in any way. This post tells you about some of the weirdest and misconceptions about Bengalis that they need to deal with every day.

1. Bengalis eat Fish every day –

It is a very common misconception that Bengalis only eat fish every single day. whether you are the school or workplace, people tend to ask ‘What’s in your lunchbox’? Maachi! Hell no. Bengalis do like to eat fish; in fact, red meat is their number one choice.


2. Bengalis are Artistic and Intellectual –

Well, Bengal has produced some of the best names such as Chattapadhya, Ray and Tagore but does not mean every person born in this place has inherited this trait. Not even the legacies of these prominent men have lived on. For the common Bengalis, the topic of discussion and debate still remains whether society gossips and symptoms of illness.


3. Not all Bengalis come from Kolkata –

Are you a Bengali? So you come from Kolkata. This is the most common question and self-given answer that Bengalis are asked when they meet strangers or long-distant acquaintances. Let me tell all the people that West Bengal is not just Kolkata there are other cities and districts that make it. You might find it strange but there are several Bengalis who hail their origins even from the neighboring state of Tripura and Assam.


4. Bengalis do not love only Bhaat or Rice –

Rice is indeed a staple food of Bengal, but that does not mean that Bengalis eat bhaat in every meal of the day. wheat is not outcasted from their diet. In fact Bengalis love eating rotis everyday and also have a palette for tasting different types of cuisines.


5. All Bengali Women wear Big Bindis and Kohl Lined eyes –

Being a Bengali woman does not mean that you need to put on red bindi and kajal every single day. it is simply a choice and does not define the criteria for being a Bengali Boudi.


6. Bengalis are Misers –

It is a general belief that Bengalis are big misers but this is half truth. Bengalis do cut down on things they feel are insignificant but when they really want to, they are even willing to splurge. Still unsure, visit a place in Bengal during Durga Puja and you will never have a doubt again.


7. Bengalis do not just eat Rassogolla for desserts –

There is more to Bengal than just roshogolla. Bengalis enjoy eating other mouth-watering desserts than just roshogollas. Here are few of the names like ‘pantua’ and ‘mowa’.


Not being a Bong, I still believe that these stereotypes about being a Bengali need to be straightened. Next time never judge a Bengali by any of these not-so-truthful stereotypes.

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