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Here are 7 Handpicked Most Expensive Grooming Products For All Suave Men!

The best men’s Grooming products aren’t commonly discussed among the masses of men, however the demand has been emerging, and it’s…

By Administrator in Mens Guide on May 9, 2016

The best men’s Grooming products aren’t commonly discussed among the masses of men, however the demand has been emerging, and it’s become apparent coming into twenty sixteen. While summer this year is all about upping your game with a +50 SPF moisturizer and face oils for midnight rejuvenation. Often we are told to take care of the inside of our body, but what about the outside? In order to look the sharpest and finest, it’s important to take care of the skin. The face, arms, legs, back and everything else deserves your attention. There are a host of must-haves your grooming regime stands incomplete without.

Revealing the secret behind the killer looks of male supermodels we identify the 10 skin care & grooming products that men should not build a vanity without.

1. Tom Ford’s Beard Conditioning Oil:


Image Source – mressentialist.com

Pamper your beard with some essential oils and condition it with Tom Ford’s new range of beard oil extracts infused with natural ingredients like Neroli, Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille. Besides nourishing the skin beneath the beard, the oil gives the beard a silky and non-greasy top cover making it easier to groom when combed. Check it out on Tom Ford official website HERE.

2. Skin Minerals Men by Giorgio Armani:


Image Source – menandskin.wordpress.com

Complement your skin with the all new Skin Mineral’s Master alcohol-free Lotion by Giorgio Armani which smooth-ens the texture of your skin. Ideal for razors cuts and burns, this lotion is best used when applied immediately after shaving and prior to applying your sunscreen. Check it out on Giorgio Armani official website HERE.

3. Facial Cleanser by Forest Essentials:


Image Source – bbeautilicious.com

Featuring the enriched properties of tender coconut, the new Facial Cleanser by Forest Essentials infuses the freshness of coconut, bamboo shoots, barley protein, peppermint for a cooling effect and orange peel extracts for a deep tissue therapy. Using ayurveda as its base, the cleansing lotion is good to rejuvenate post a hectic day at work or once home after a strenuous day out in the sun. Check it out on Forest Essentials official website HERE.

4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate:


Image Source – apopofcolour.com

Better than a night cream, the midnight face oil by Kiehl’s is a one drop magic which repairs the skin with its essential botanical ingredients and leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.  Check it out on Kiehl’s official website HERE.

5. Italian Resort Face Skin Regime by Acqua Di Parma:


Image Source – pinterest.com

Re-energising your skin with anti-aging ingredients, the new range of skin care must-haves by Acqua Di Parma is all you need for hydrated and plumper skin.  From deep skin, revitalising minerals extracted from luscious greens of the Mediterranean region to natural elixirs from rare ingredients, the collection is ideal when bought in a set which includes the Italian Resort exfoliator, face cleansing mousse, purifying toner, face restoring mask, face serum and finally a SPF 50++ sun block.  Check it out on Acqua Di Parma official website HERE.

6. Penhaligon’s Eye Cream:


Image Source – penhaligons.com

Treat your eyelids and under-eye skin to a relaxing massage with London-based grooming and parfum brand Penhaligon’s skin tightening eye cream. A week of massage with this night eye cream can vanquish the concept of under-eye bags.  Check it out on Penhaligon official website HERE.

7. Bleu De Chanel Shaving Duo:


Image Source – Chanel.com

Defying conventions with a woody and sensational aroma, just like its iconic cologne spray, Chanel recently launched the Bleu De Chanel shaving kit.  Exuding the ultimate signature aroma of a Chanel Bleu, offering a hydrating feel with a light-weighing cream and aftershave gel, with the kit you can surely expect more than just air kisses from the lady you’re crushing on. Check it out on Chanel official website HERE.

Remember that the skin is actually said to be the principal organ of your body, plus it’s the key to keeping your body temperature in check. Not to mention it’s also the first barrier to protecting you from the elements like the Downpour rain, smoke from the grill, and dirt and grime from outdoor home improvement projects. And perhaps the most notable attribute to having healthy skin, is the way other people perceive your overall health and appearance.

Sure it might take considerable time and an initial investment in you, but it’s important to have a daily grooming, cleansing and moisturizing regimen. By spending extra time in the morning and night, and especially after shaving, you’re sure to look your finest and have suave and flawless skin. Not to mention, the 19,000 skins cells that are found per every square inch of your body, will thank you for using the best men’s skin care products. So forget about the traditional bar of soap, lose the stubborn approach, and check out our list of what we think are the best skin products for men.

Image Source – smf-blog.com

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