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Here Are 7 Fashion Problems Every Short Girl Will Relate To

We are all struggling with the hardships of life and you need to put on our best armour to face…

By Abhinav D Anand in Fashion on April 17, 2019

We are all struggling with the hardships of life and you need to put on our best armour to face it. Sadly for short girls this is even more so a problem. Looking their very best is not the easiest option for them. Fashion for short girls, never comes easy and there are constant struggles that they need to face due to their short stature. Finding a perfect outfit for them is not only difficult but an annoying experience. If you stand on your toes to reach the top most kitchen shelf, you will easily relate to these 7 fashion problem every short girl faces.

1. Jumpsuits can never be your thing

Jumpsuits are ruling the fashion trends, but if you are short, it will always be a distant dream for you. All the jumpsuits will end up way beneath your feet and you would feel like walking out of the store immediately.


2. Finding perfect fit jeans is a mission impossible task

Buying yourself a pair of fitted jeans is the most gruelling tasks. While those in the kids section are tight on the waist, even an XS seems a bit too long for you. Most often you wonder who are they making this jeans sizes for?


3. Horizontal stripes are a no-no

Irrespective of whether they are the most in-thing in the fashion industry, wearing horizontal stripes never works for short girls. Wearing such dresses will only make you look more shorter, and this definitely not on your mind.


4. Heels are your best friend

Short girls cannot part with their heels. Whether you like wearing them or no, you have to put them on to look a few (depending on the size of your heels) inches taller. Also when it comes to shopping heels, I cannot miss out to mention on the astounding figures on your shoe bills.


5. You can never wear flared dresses

Well, it definitely feels a very girly thing, yet with your short stature you can never wear a flared dress. Why? Coz it will only make you look shorter.


6. Dresses always seem longer

Every time you checkout a cute dress and try it on, you regret doing it always. No matter what the length, the dress always seems a little longer and turns out to be a spoiler.


7. Capri pants are not meant for you

They never seem to fit right. The capris either look like a regular pant or reach at an awkward point on your ankle. Either ways, it never seems to look good on you. Sigh!


In spite of these fashion goof-ups, there is always something to look forward in life. It isn’t that bad after all, so keep your head up shorties and move on!


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