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Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Suck At Expressing Feelings

There are some people who express their feelings naturally while for some this seems as the most daunting task. It…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on July 5, 2017

There are some people who express their feelings naturally while for some this seems as the most daunting task. It is more like a conflict with their inner self when it comes to expressing how they feel. Are you amongst the one who prefer keeping things to yourself? Do you find it hard to express how you feel? Well there can be many reasons for you to behave in such manner. You might simply be scared to be outright honest, or you fumbling with the right words or you may not want others to feel vulnerable. However this is not healthy for your relationships and you need to come out of it sooner or later. Here we give you 6 reasons why you suck at expressing your feelings.

1. You do not want to instigate a conflict

You feel that expressing how you feel may trigger a conflict in your relationships. You believe disclosing your thoughts may put you in bad light and this will do no good for your relationship. You therefore prefer staying away from the ‘intense arguments’ by staying quiet.


2. You fear rejection or disapproval

Fear of dejection is something that every person who has difficulty in sharing emotions can relate to. Most often you swallow your feelings because you fear disapproval or people might leave you alone when they might not approve of your feelings.


3. You strive for Emotional Perfectionism

You think highly about yourself and believe that must have control over feelings such as anxiety, anger, resentment or jealousy. You believe you must learn to lock your feelings to yourself otherwise you might end up being weak or vulnerable.


4. You feel opening up will not do any good

Conflicts in any relationship can be solved when the two sides open up freely to express how they feel. You however, for your own reasons, feel that the relationship will not improve and even telling how you feel will not make it work.


5. You are burdened with low self-esteem

People who fail to express their emotions often live with a belief that they are not entitled to express feelings or expect something from others. Suffering from low self-esteem you think you must only please other people around you and live up to their expectations.


6. You believe other people must possess divine mind reading powers

Well this one is surely amusing. Sometimes you do not express your feelings as you believe that the other person should understand even your unsaid words. You expect people to possess diving mind reading powers and you feel resentful when they fail to understand your needs.


Some of these misbelieves prevent you from sharing your feelings like any ordinary man. Identify these 6 reasons why you fail at expressing feelings and try to break and come out of your self-created shield. You need to learn how to say your feelings clearly and you notice remarkable difference in your life.


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