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Here are 6 reasons why we intend to miss our school life! *SOB*

Children want to grow up fast and grown-ups wish to become children again. The strain that we are dealing in…

By Administrator in 90s on April 13, 2017

Children want to grow up fast and grown-ups wish to become children again. The strain that we are dealing in establishing ourselves in different facets of life is taking a toll on us. There are times when we sit back and think about the carefree life we had during the school days and now its become a fancy to own that lifestyle. Those were the golden days with hustle and bustle of things happening around us.

1. Missing school friends

Friends were the priority and couldn’t even think of a day where we wouldn’t end up meeting even after school be it at a cafeteria or be it a parking lot of a complex. Never gave a damn to the meeting point.

2. Freedom

Liberty to do things at our convenience whether to study or not or be it any matter was at our discretion.

3. Recess Breaks

Short or Long breaks in the mid of studies at school were something to look forward to. Sharing and munching of tiffin’s with an endless amount of stupid blabbering was the essence of life. It was so much fun and yet so memorable.

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4. No doing any house-hold chores

During our school days we didn’t even intend to know what daily chores were as utmost importance was given to studies and many of us would stay in joint families and there were people to look after that as well.

5. Dressing – up

To decide what to wear depending on the occasion is a tedious job. No long hours in front of the wardrobe as to what to wear, as dressing up for school was the easiest thing. Carrying heavy bags loaded of books on our back and chit-chatting on the way to school.

6. Canteen

Running to the canteen, standing in the queue for the aromatic food be it samosas, burgers etc.. We loved it all and would not even think about the calories in take and just enjoying the delicacies.

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I miss my school days as it were the years of friendship, laughter, happiness, and much more.

Giving respect, seeking knowledge participating in sports and other extra-curricular activities etc.. Are cherished memories which can never be forgotten.

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