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Here are 6 Bollywood movies in 2016 which will surely make you proud.

2016 has been a year for Bollywood movies wherein theaters there has been continues applauds and whistle as people are…

By Administrator in Bollywood on December 27, 2016

2016 has been a year for Bollywood movies wherein theaters there has been continues applauds and whistle as people are left with a feeling of pride. Movies have biopic and interesting sports concept with the famous superstars starring in the movies which make the movie more special. Real superheroes cast by Bollywood superstars is always the best combination for entertainment. Here are some movies of 2016 which have surely made you stand on your seat and clap for them.

1. Dangal

Dangal is a movie based on the outdoor sports Wrestling. Breaking the stereotype of people that Wrestling is meant only for boys, Aamir Khan father of four daughters proved that it is not necessary to have a boy to fulfill any dream and her two daughters with training prove her Dad right.


2. Sarbjit

Sarbjit is a real life story. Sarbjit was drunk and makes the biggest mistake of his life crossing the Pakistan border. Official forces of Pakistan think he was a terrorist and imprisonment him while her sister could not take the imprisonment she went to help her and the story continues.


3. Neerja

Neerja a 23-year old young girl who was an air hostess saved more than 350 lives. Unbelievable, the girl saved so many lives in a situation of the hijack of the plane. Neerja was a model she was very beautiful in her teenage and had been a divorcee although. Her brave act makes us proud of her.


4. Pink

Pink Movie carries an important message and it is a must watch for every man & women as the movie makes a strong pertinent point “NO from a woman MEANS an NO.” The movie is must watch for everybody who had felt the shame and embarrassment when their ‘no’ was conveniently ignored. PINK is undoubtedly the best Indian movie of 2016 for me.


5. Sultan

Sultan is based on Wrestler. Salman Khan starring the movie with co-actor Anushka Sharma fall in love with each other and starts to learn wrestling from Anushka’s coach and then gives his best to win all the match and reaches to the international level and completes his final match.


6. M.S. Dhoni.

M.s. Dhoni is 2016 Box office 200 crore movie and why won’t it be. Dhoni is one of the best captain Indian cricket team has got till date. His achievement and success with his life are worth watching. Dhoni’s love life has a shadow on the biopic of the movie which attracts the audience and is something which made the film more curious to be watched.


They made me salute them. 2016! Worth Watching Movies.

Just in case you have missed any of these movies yet to watch please do watch them right away. They will surely motivate and inspire you. In any case, you know any movie which made feel proud in 2016 and is missed in this list please do share with us in the comment below.

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