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Here are 5 worst food to consume at night! *Strict NO*

Mid-night cravings are very common amongst most of us. Even after satiating yourself with a meal, there will be times…

By Administrator in Healthy Eating on March 1, 2017

Mid-night cravings are very common amongst most of us. Even after satiating yourself with a meal, there will be times at night when you have this sudden feeling of munching something. Most often we succumb to such unhealthy cravings without using logical reasoning, which later prove unhealthy for the body. So if like to indulge in eating during the wee hours, the least you can do is make a healthier choice. Take a look at this list of 5 worst foods to devour at night.

1. Chocolates

There has been too much talk about the goodness of chocolates, particularly dark chocolates that it has been looked upon as snack hero. Chocolates however, have high content of caffeine; they tend to increase your mental illness, which is not good for your sleep. So if you are craving for a bar of chocolate before going to bed, it is a strict no-no.


2. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods like hamburger or steaks are high in fat and calories. They take longer hours to digest and therefore should not be eaten before going to bed. Eating fatty foods can make you feel sluggish when you wake up the next morning.

3. Ice Cream

Ice-creams are very yum indeed but certainly not a healthy choice to satiate your night cravings. A bowl full of ice-cream is packed with just sugar that will only contribute to unwanted weight gain. Moreover, some study has even revealed that eating high-sugar foods may increase the likeliness of nightmares during bedtime.

4. Cereals, bread and pasta

Eating bread, cereals or pasta will surely suppress your hunger pangs at night but such choice of foods also hinders sound sleep. Cereals are loaded with carbs and when you eat them at bedtime, they turn into fats and eventually shift your weighing scale to the wrong side.

5. Fruit Yogurt

Fruit yogurt is one of the favorite comfort foods for most of us. Yet it is one of the worst choices of foods that you can make post dinner hours. When you dip your spoon into your favorite fruit-flavored yogurt you are actually eating plenty of sugar.

So, next time when you have your hands on any of these worst foods, put it down instantly and opt for a healthier alternative. Save yourself from late-night dietary disasters!

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