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Here Are 5 Ways You Help Your Best-Friends To Recover From His/her Recent Breakup

Falling in and out of love is quite natural but if you were really seriously hooked to that guy/girl, Breakups…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on June 29, 2017

Falling in and out of love is quite natural but if you were really seriously hooked to that guy/girl, Breakups can be painful. Ending a relationship turns out to be an overwhelming experience. Yet we must move on in life and take these as life’s learning lessons. It is however painful to see someone close to you suffering when loves come crashing down for them. Your friend feels distant and depressed. Are you wondering what to do or say? Here are 5 ways you can help your friend to mend his/her broken heart.

1. Be a good listener –

During breakup your friend needs someone who can just listen as they pour their heart out, without being judgemental. Simply hold his/her hand and give them the comfort to talk about what went wrong or how hurt they feel. Even if you feel to offer a piece of advice, refrain from doing so as it is not the right point of time. Playing blame game is not going to help your friend.


2. Be patient –

Helping your friend overcoming a breakup can also be a test of your patience. Hanging with friends in good times is easier but real friendship is tested during difficult times. Your friend is going through a very low emotional phase and unknowingly he/she might be talking about the same stories again and again. You need to empathize with them and patiently listen to them.


3. Let them cry to their heart’s content –

Crying is the best way to free oneself from the painful emotions. It is aptly said that crying heals the soul and any pain, emotional or physical needs to come out. Crying is the best medicine then so allow your friend to cry incessantly for the loss they feel and it will definitely make him/her feel better.


4. Plan something fun with your best friend –

Your best-friend is not to the best of their spirits so a little distraction can make them feel better. Laughter is the best medicine for healing so do something fun to make him/her laugh out louder. Go out for drinks at their favourite place or plan a fun dancing night where he/she forgets about the painful memories.



5. Stay within your limits

Being with your friend during tough times is a good thing to do but you also have to make sure that you set some boundaries for yourself. Lending a shoulder to cry on or hearing the pain stories over and again is all you can do as a supportive friend. The pain that he/she is experiencing is real and you as an outsider can only have empathy for it. But do not try to anything overpowering to make them feel better sooner. You must stay within your limits and with time and your unconditional support your best-friend will overcome this grief.


Being around with your best-friend and letting him/her know that you are always there is the best you can offer.

Time is a great healer and your friend will eventually learn to move on in life and who knows fall in true love once again!

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