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Here are 5 Tips to be Street Smart in India!

Street Smart! Many people often mistake it as looking smart while moving in a street. No, my friend. Street smart…

By Abhinav D Anand in Life Hacks on June 18, 2017

Street Smart! Many people often mistake it as looking smart while moving in a street. No, my friend. Street smart is about being aware and acquainted with the surroundings you are moving in. India is a diverse nation, and our people are really humble, but there isn’t any assurance that everybody is sweet and humble.

In this country which is fast moving, and full of life you might encounter many people, but remember that people are self-centered these days, nobody would help you without their own benefit like the autowalas leave us standing if we offer them less money than what they demanded from us. Make sure that no matter whenever and wherever you travel, do your homework properly. So here are the points which will help you stay street smart in India.

1. Never lose your composure –

Don’t ever lose your state of calm and composure. No matter how difficult the situation gets don’t let anybody realize that you are tensed. People often try to take advantage of such situations. In case you are lost, turn on your GPS and search for the nearest bus stop or auto stand. If you see policemen around, you are lucky! Move ahead, and narrate your problem to them. They will definitely help. Auto drivers try to fool out people who look desperate and tensed. If you plan to take an auto ask them to turn on the meter, if they disagree, feel free to step down instead of being fooled. In case you don’t have any option left, ask somebody for directions or help (directions can be dangerous as people in India love playing pranks on people.


2. Keep your jewels and wallets safe –

Among the land of humble people there exist people like chain snatchers and pickpockets. Prefer going without any gold or diamond ornament for your own safety and welfare. Don’t carry all the money you have as people here are real professionals at picking pockets. You won’t even realize, and it would be gone. Keep your money and jewels safe in your hotel room, and carry only what is required. Prefer a side bag over wallets for keeping your money and valuables.


3. Be aware of beggars –

You will come across a number of them. Don’t sympathize with them and give them money, especially kids. Kids are trained to carry out such tasks of begging, and the money you give to them is taken by people who train them. Beggars carry out a number of notorious tasks. They may irritate and, run after you if you don’t give them money. Don’t be afraid of them just make a loud call on them and things will be sorted.


4. Use your brain and skills-

Being street smart is about being active. If you land up in a difficult situation bring all your skills and tactics into play. All countries are the same, do what you would have done if you were in the same situation in your country. At times, following your instincts is the most helpful way out.


5. Don’t hesitate from telling a NO-

If somebody is trying to be over caring or sweet to you, their intentions may not be good. If you feel something wrong or fishy, gather up all your guts and say a no. People around will understand your problem and come for help. You need to be quick and strong in your actions.


I hope these points will help you have an amazing and safe journey in India.

So be Street Smart in India!

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