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Here Are 5 Things Your Parents Want To Tell You, But You Are Too Busy To Understand It

Parenthood is a crucial responsibility of not only raising children but bringing out the best in each one of them….

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on June 29, 2017

Parenthood is a crucial responsibility of not only raising children but bringing out the best in each one of them. There is nothing more gratifying for a parent than to see their precious little blossom from being a notorious toddler to a wonderful human being. Children especially teenagers often misinterpret a parent’s concern to interference.

Parents through their experience of life wish to protect their children from facing the same hardships that they had to once undergo. They want their children to use this wisdom to become successful in life. Sadly, youngsters prefer to live in their own imaginative world and turn a deaf year to their piece of advice. Nevertheless, here we present you the list of 5 things your parents want to tell you, but you are too busy to understand it.

1. Be responsible

This is surely something you might feel as a teenager you have heard a lot of times. Weren’t you always being told to be more responsible with your studies, duties, and work? Hearing this over and again during those growing years may sound absolutely crazy, but my friend this piece of advice from your parent will take you a long way in the journey of life.


2. Save money

Your parents might have always told you at the time of giving over the pocket money to save for the ‘rainy day’, but I bet you haven’t given a second thought to it. Life is a journey of unexpected twists and turns, so you will never know when you will be short of that extra cash.

3. Follow your dreams and never give up

Don’t give up on your dreams to fit into the social stigma. Pursue the career of your choice, even if it’s unconventional. All that parents wanted to tell you that chasing your dream is all about hard work and commitment. You might fail once in your endeavors, but never ever give up. Believe in yourself for we know that you have all that it takes to achieve the best in life.


4. Protect your body

This is your body and you should be in charge of it. Being teenager doesn’t mean it’s time to lose your virginity. It’s perfectly OK even if you are a virgin at the age of 24. Do not make mistakes in your life, the implications of which cannot be reversed.

5. We love you

Last but never the least, in spite of all those scolding and arguments, there is one thing that remain unchanged is the love. Every parent wants to tell their children, they are special and the most treasured gifts of their life.


In the growing years, you thought yourselves to be wiser than you actually were and paid no heed to the knowledge shared by your parents.

Sit down for a while and ponder over these things and you will begin to appreciate the presence of the two wonderful people (mom & dad) in your life. Someone correctly put it ‘It’s better to be late than never’.

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