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Here are 5 things that a Guy usually look for in a girl for long term relationship

I often see, in my circle, happy couples. But as the time passes, the guy shifts the interest to some…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 31, 2016

I often see, in my circle, happy couples. But as the time passes, the guy shifts the interest to some other girl and earns the title “Cheater”. Now, the thing to understand here is the reason why that happens at all? So, I am going to reveal the 5 top priorities a guy wants that you must avoid and maintain with extreme care.

1. Honesty:

Girls have the tendency to hide and keeping secrets that can annoy anyone. If it is a relationship you are looking for that you desire to take forward for a long period of time, why not start with an honest approach? It is considerably important that you must not let the trust of your partner break or else, it will be impossible to restore once broken.


2. Be interesting:

A logical explanation says that if you are interesting, your partner will have interest on you. Now the fact that most relations tend to break is due to the same old boring routine that gets repeated over and over again. Try avoiding that and you shall end up having a relationship that is enjoyable to the fullest of possibilities.


3. Supportive:

Every relationship suffers from a bad time but the fact that the relationship ends up having a big and dramatic separation is due to the lack of mutual support.


4. Make him feel special:

There are many reasons for you to be with him. Let him know that. If he knows the fact that you want him like crazy, he will start loving you like crazy. Take it from me, I am a guy myself.


5. Guy best friend –

Every girl has a guy best friend and like it or not, he is the reason why everything ends up in a disaster. Guys are territorial and possessive and you know it. How do you even consider having someone with the intention to take advantage of you in a way that your partner hates? And if the guy is in serious love, he will smash the face of your friend which will end up creating sympathy for him in your heart. Isn’t that the reason for most breakups already?

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So, if you were wondering how you could make him think that you are the right girl for him, These 5 things that we know will surely make an effect on that perfect guy.

Go win his heart, girl!

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