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Here are 5 Signs that prove your Partner is taking you for granted

Love is beautiful feeling that takes you on the top of the world. While in a relationship, the care and…

By Administrator in Lifestyle Relationship on April 21, 2017

Love is beautiful feeling that takes you on the top of the world. While in a relationship, the care and loving gestures from your partner are the things that really matter in this world. But behold! What if you begin to realize that your companion is taking you and your love for granted. While this is a natural phenomenon that may take place in any relationship, the point is it should not be happening frequently and for too long.

Have you been noticing a change in the behavior of your partner? Is your companion always coming up with excuses? Well, before it gets too late, here are 5 early signs that prove your partner is taking you for granted.

1. Things significant than you begin cropping in their life –

In a healthy relationship, couples look forward to spending time with one another. There are priorities in everyone’s life and you should be on their number one list. However, if you have been noticing how off late your partner is making excuses for not being able to spend time with you, it’s definitely a warning sign.


2. When you stop receiving any appreciations –

Is it not always rewarding when your actions are acknowledged by your loved ones? A loving gesture from your companion for all that you did to make him/her happy takes away all the pains you had to undergo doing it. But what if your partner shows disinterest in all that you do for him lovingly? Well, it’s disheartening but you also need to evaluate if your partner is taking you for granted.


3. They become unresponsive to your needs –

When was the last time that you and your partner sat down for some serious conversation? When you start to initiate any chat, if your companion just cuts it down (almost every single time) saying he/she is too tired for all this; then this my friend is another sign for being taken for granted.


4. You are only required in the time of need –

Your partner might be ignoring you for quite a while, then suddenly he starts calling or messaging you sweetly only when he/she needs to get something done for you. If this is the scenario, you need to take a step back and revaluate your relationship.


5. The love begins to disappear –

At the beginning of your relationship, remember all the romantic effort that two of you always put in for each other. Over time it slows down a little but this is what that keeps a relationship alive. But if your partner begins to take you for granted these romantic gestures feel burdened and even telling a simple ‘I Love You’ requires lot of effort. If this is the case, things are definitely getting one-sided.


The great saying ‘Love is Blind’ does not work here.

If you have been experiencing any of these warning signs in your relationship, open your eyes, for the sake of your love!

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