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Here are 5 issues that you face, if you have a sensitive nature >.

Most of us are sensitive about ourselves, but some of us, face this issue a bit more than the others….

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on June 10, 2017

Most of us are sensitive about ourselves, but some of us, face this issue a bit more than the others. Small things make a big fuss inside that little head of our’s and hyperactive feeling has already become a part of us.

Is that Mr. Squishy very active inside you as well? Then, Here’s a list of things you would relate to!

1. Your loved ones tend to clarify more than necessary around you! –

Your loved ones are extremely careful while speaking around you, because they know, that they don’t know, what might offend you next! How sweet.

2. You feel upset, in spite of knowing, the other person did not mean to hurt you –

This one is the trickiest because this fight is with your own head against your heart. You are sensitive to petty things, while you know these small things are unintentional by people around you, it still ends up hurting.

3. You cry a bit too soon over almost anything *sob sob* –

You always have these active taps in your eyes 😛 A moment of happiness or sadness or even anger makes you like or even flood sometimes *No offense*

4. Your mood swings are like a Jet plane? 🙂 ?:D ? 🙁 –

Even you don’t know, what can make you happy or sad, in the next moment. As many cons as this trait has, it also has benefits, you easily can feel happy out of feeling sad. It isn’t that bad as it seems.

5. Sadly, some people take advantage of your volatile nature *Grrrr* –

Because people already understand, that you are easily affected by them, they tend of taking deliberate disadvantage of this trait of yours.They knowing hurting you or making you feel angry is not very difficult.

So, all of you sensitive folks out there, I hope this post is not only relates to you, but also gives you certain heads up about taking care of yourself around people when it comes to emotions.

Not everyone is as transparent as you are, so take good care of yourself. Adios!

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