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Here are 5 Ill-effects of Whatsapp That You Never Realised

Whatsapp was invented as a mobile application for smartphones so that people can easily connect with their friends and families….

By Administrator in Lifestyle on April 10, 2017

Whatsapp was invented as a mobile application for smartphones so that people can easily connect with their friends and families. However, sadly the sole purpose remains sidelined and it has become an important part of our lives (more than it ought to). These days whatsapping has become an addiction and people without even realizing are wasting their precious time fiddling with their smartphones. That does not end here, take a look at these ill-effects of Whatsapp in our lives that we failed to realize.

1. Checking  on who’s online kills your immense amount of time

Do you ever noticed that you had spent 30 precious minutes of your life, just checking who is online at that particular moment. Does this information have any life-changing effect? A big NO from you proves the point.

2. DP no longer means just Display Picture

Whatsapp DP is not just a picture, it has become a social tag. Since everyone on this world you know is using Whatsapp, choosing a socially appropriate DP has become the toughest decision of life. Some people even get judgemental about the kind of DP that you put. Isn’t it just too much!


3. It has replaced the human touch

Before Whatsapp came into existence, people used to call each other occasionally. But now whatsapping is the new thing and leaving text messages and waiting for reply has become more convenient. When was the last time you called your acquaintances to ask how they were doing, rather than texting ‘what’s up’.


4. The colored message reading indications has actually ended several relationships

We always have that much time to read the Whatsapp messages while doing our errands. Yet, we are always short of time to send a reply back to that very message instantly. Knowing that the person has read the message, without caring to reply back makes the other one feel grumpier. The person starts feeling ignored and scars begin to surface in your relationships.


5. Your phone memory always seems full

You must be a part of N-numbered Whatsapp groups (most of them irrelevant) and as a member you are presented with loads of unnecessary videos and images. Your gallery now has lesser number of your pictures and is filled with images of people you don’t even know!


Life before these technological inventions was more joyful indeed.Use Whatsapp in a way to bridge the gap between relations and not create more! Don’t let Whatsapp change your life in a way that you do not know what to do. Tag someone you know who is Whatsapp addicted to get them some reality check. Use technologies to make life simpler and not complex!
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