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Here are 4 things you can decode, simply by looking at someones feet!

This post might come as a surprise to many of us? Have you ever wondered that your toes can reveal…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on June 14, 2017

This post might come as a surprise to many of us? Have you ever wondered that your toes can reveal a lot about your personality? Yes, this is a rare known fact. Foot reading is not new; it has been practiced for over 5,000 years in China. Experts say that there are areas on the foot that function as a mirror for the rest of the body. Pull off your socks and find out if you are an adventure lover or you love to seek solace? You will also know if you have contented soul or an over-indulgent spoiler. Sounds interesting? Continue reading for some more fun!

There are basically four types of feet that reveal about your personality. They are as follows:

1. The Common Foot –

Also referred as the ‘Roman Foot’ a person with this foot type is known to be very social and outgoing. His/her body type is also well balanced and proportioned. Such individuals are good learners and keen for embracing new experiences. Apparently, avid travelers have this kind of foot as they love discovering new cultures.




2. The Square Foot –

The Square Foot type is easy to identify as all the toes stand together at equal length, giving a somewhat rectangular appearance. Also known as ‘Peasant Foot’, this foot owner is extremely sound and relentlessly examines all the pros and cons before taking any decision in life. Such people are very practical and dependent types.




3. The Flame Foot –

The Flame Foot is a distinguishing foot type in which the second toe stands longer compared to the rest. This foot type is also referred as ‘Greek Foot’ or ‘Fire Foot’. Flame Foot type denotes that the person is very sporty, active and creative. He/she is enthusiastic and life and also keeps the energy levels high for other around them. However, they can be impulsive at times which may lead to unwanted stress.




4. The Stretched Foot –

Characteristic foot types wherein the big toe tapers at the top and fused together with the other toes. The owner of the foot like this is quiet, mingles less and have secrets hidden within them. Such peeps can be impulsive and you need to tackle them judiciously.


Are you looking at your toe or comparing them with others?

Use the knowledge shared in this post and discover other person’s personality by simply looking at their toes. I just found about mine, what are you waiting for?

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