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Here Are 20 WTF Demands By Justin Bieber Ahead Of His Mumbai Tour!

From Maharaja cuisine to Ayurvedic spa, Justin Bieber’s India trip wouldn’t be as normal as other celebs were. As we all…

By Abhinav D Anand in Hollywood on May 4, 2017

From Maharaja cuisine to Ayurvedic spa, Justin Bieber’s India trip wouldn’t be as normal as other celebs were. As we all already know Justin Bieber will perform for the first time in India on May 10 but what we don’t know is, Justin Bieber will be arriving in India a few days before his maiden show to explore the culture and heritage of the country and from a Chopper to Rolls Royce, Bieber has a list of bizarre ‘demands’ from his India trip.

1. A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and two Volvo buses at his entourage’s disposal.

2. A Rolls-Royce for the personal commute.

3. A ping pong table, PlayStation, and hoverboard for his backstage recreation.

4.  A private yacht party with some live karaoke singing.

5. A private jet to travel around India in.

6. A chopper to fly into the stadium on the day of his performance.

7. Three floors of a luxury hotel exclusively cordoned off as his private villa.

8. Strawberry And Vanilla Protein Powder, Raw Organic Honey, and Decaffeinated Herbal Teas for his healthy times

9. A separate elevator blocked for Bieber’s movement in the hotel.

10. A Jacuzzi for Bieber’s personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage.

11. A licensed female masseuse from Kerala, for luxurious Ayurvedic spa sessions.

12. Renowned culinary experts to supervise his five-course gourmet meals, all renamed after his popular songs.

13.  A special Indian Yoga Casket containing aromatic essential oils, jasmine, mogra, rose and camphor incense sticks and books on chakras and yoga asanas.

14. Fridge Packed With Assorted Juices And Fizzy Drinks, Fresh Fruit, And Vegetable Platter, Half A Gallon Of Almond Milk.

15. Only white drapes in Bieber’s dressing room.

16. A large glass-door refrigerator, clothing shelves, eight power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs in the room.

17. Still water bottles, Alkaline water bottles, energy drinks, vitamin water bottles, cream sodas, assorted juices, fizzy drinks, protein drinks in the green room.

18. White sliced bread, white cheddar popcorn, assorted chocolates, vinegar chips, organic dried fruit, and all berries cereal, for the entourage backstage.

19. New Delhi-Agra-Jaipur visit with 100 crew members. 

20. Spray tan salons, shopping malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters, casinos, nightclubs, basketball courts and recording studios.

Justin Bieber will perform his maiden show in the country on May 10 in Navi Mumbai as part of the Asia leg of his world tour. Jacqueline Fernadez has been chosen to show Justin Bieber around and she would be her official Mumbai guide taking Bieber around Gateway Of India, Kala Ghoda and Mani Bhavan.

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