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Here Are 11 Old Nokia Phones Those Will Be Our Favorite Forever.

The Nokia brand, which was synonymous with the mobile phone across most of the world, had some spectacular cellphones that catered to all kinds of brackets. Each phone was a trendsetter and had a story associated with it. We loved our old Nokia phones and for most of us it was the first mobile brand. Nokia phones were popular for its reliability, battery life and of course some of the models were good enough to be projectiles.

Here are 11 old Nokia phones those will be our favorite forever.

1. Nokia 3310

Launched in 2000. This handset was literally a lifesaver -with its great battery life and of course as a weapon!

maxresdefault (1)
Source: youtube.com

2. Nokia 1100

You don’t have to worry when you drop your phone because Nokia 1100 doesn’t break into pieces.

Source: chennaimemes.in

3. Nokia 2300

Source: avito.ru

4. Nokia 6610

Source: turbosquid.com

5. Nokia 3100

Source: mobiset.ru

6. Nokia 6600

Source: indiatimes.com

7. Nokia N73

Source: muamat.com

8. Nokia 1600

Source: sites.google.com

9. Nokia 3210

maxresdefault (2)
Source: youtube.com

10. Nokia N-Gage

Source: phonemore.com

11. Nokia 6020

Source: hptua.com
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