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Here are 10 things that parents should never tell their daughters

Daughters are always a blessing in life. During the early years it is fun to dress them up and fall…

By Administrator in Relationship on February 23, 2017

Daughters are always a blessing in life. During the early years it is fun to dress them up and fall in love with their giggles and non-stop chattering. Nothing is more pleasurable for parents than seeing their little precious ones blossom into young, adolescent girls. It is truly said that girls always stay close to her parents even when she is bonded with new relationships in her life. A daughter always remains close to your heart forever.
While you enjoy the blissful platonic relationship with your beloved daughter, there are a few ‘No-No’s that you must strictly adhere to. If you want to maintain a smooth and cordial relationship with your darling princess these are 10 things that you must never tell your daughters.

1. It’s not your thing

We live in the 21st century and talk of equality rights for men and women. So why do you need to tell your daughter that there is something she is not capable of doing. So hold yourself back if you get such thoughts.

2. Don’t dress like a Tom-boy

Parents sometimes unknowingly reinforce gender stereotypes in their children. So what if your daughter refers to wear jeans and top over the ‘girlie’ stuff (though we definitely know the origin for the same). It’s ok to be suggestive but don’t force her into wearing something that you think looks good on her.

3. “Talk like a girl”

We still don’t know who invented this theory about what girls should be talking. Girls today have the right to voice their thoughts on any topic. Instead of setting boundaries, let your daughter freely express her feelings.

4. “Do not expect so much”

Your daughter definitely feels like a princess (thanks to your upbringing) if she has set high standards for herself in life. Don’t ruin it by telling her to lower her expectations.

5. “You are not mature enough”

Maturity comes with experience and not age. Do not discourage your daughter from doing something which you feel is beyond her potential. It’s good to be protective but don’t undermine her skills.

Source: Facebook/iSchoolLifeVSCollegeLife

6. “Let me do this for you”

As a parent you are cautious about your children, but that definitely does not mean intervening in every problem that your young girl faces. Let her learn from her mistakes.

7. “Why can’t you be like that girl?”

Comparing your daughter to other girls is the worst thing that you could have done. Every child is unique in their way. Even comparisons with siblings are a no-no.

8. “Don’t go out with boys, it will ruin your social image”

So what if your daughter has male friends and she likes to hang out with them. Be watchful but do not impose your choice on her as to who she should be seen with.

9. “Why do you need to be financial independent? Your husband will support you”

Now this is the biggest setback for daughters. Don’t ever tell your daughters that marriage will end all their financial responsibility.

10. “I hate you too”

In the midst of a heated discussion, your daughter might tell you how she hates or despise you. But even if you are hurt never ever tell your daughter on face that you hate her too.

There will be times when your daughter might disagree with your reasoning.

Accept this gracefully and last of all never tell her that “you said or did everything only for her happiness”.

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