Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Here are 10 life saving makeup hacks that every girl needs to know right now! *Grin*

1. The magic concealer –   Who knew this little concealer would be of our help in so many ways….

By Abhinav D Anand in Fashion Style Guides on April 17, 2019

1. The magic concealer –


Who knew this little concealer would be of our help in so many ways. You can use it as a highlighter as well just put it on the top of your nose, on your eyebrow bones and on your chin as well, and see the magic. You can highlight your face with adding any shimmer to it, for the sublet yet sharp look!

2. Running out of your Foundation? No problem, we have a fix for you –


Dab your make sponge in some clean water and squish all the water out of it. Now take your compact powder and use it with this wet sponge. Voila! Your job is done. Especially, in this summer heat, who wants to feel the creamy foundation on their face. Use this trick and get a flawless look for your day at work, or on your date evening. It is always a savior!

3. Ran out of a highlighter? Of course, that’s not a problem! –


Are you getting late for that evening party and your highlighter is out of stock? Well, don’t be worried. Here is a brilliant hack. Just take a golden or bronze or silver eye shadow from the pallets and brush it across your cheekbones. You should already be gleaming for that party tonight!

4. Blush ons heavy for your pocket? Here is how you can save that buck!

Well, good news ladies! There is a better alternative to your blush ons. Just apply a dab of your favorite pink or coral colored lipstick on your cheek bones and smudge it properly . Your job is done. You would get these perfectly blushed cheeks only with a little lipstick , easy, isn’t it?

5. Are your dark circles a bit too much because you didn’t sleep properly the last night, Then here is a perfect hack for you!

Take your Orange or red lipstick and apply it on your dark circles. After doing this,hide it with a concealer and you will achieve a flawless under eye skin. We never knew it would be so easy, isn’t it?

6. Is your box of makeup stuffed with lustrous lipstick and now you want to wear a Matte lipstick,then we have a cure read this on!

After you apply that lipstick, in order to settle the glitter, take some talcum powder and start dabbing it on your lips until you get the desired matte look you need and then there is other alternative, where you can simply put some concealer on your lips. Also this might make the shade look a little lighter, so use the trick based on the required look that you need.

7. Did you not get the time to wash your hair this evening and now you have to suddenly go somewhere! :O Don’t worry here is a brilliant solution!

Take some baby powder and rinse thoroughly in your roots and comb your hair upside down. You would be the owner of fresh and voluminous hair after this hack. You can thank us later!

So what are you waiting for ladies! Grab your makeup kit and get going.Cheers!

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