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Here Are 10 Countries Where You Can Drive With Your Indian Driving License!

Any country you visit, you will always find Indians. As Indians have taken over the world, many Indians travel different…

By Administrator in Travel on May 17, 2016

Any country you visit, you will always find Indians. As Indians have taken over the world, many Indians travel different countries for vacation, work or for visiting someone here we give you the list of countries, which allow you to drive on their roads with Indian Driving Licence. Yeah! They let you drive with Indian valid license.

An international road trip is a thing dreams are made of and it’s actually more achievable than you think. You don’t have to apply for a local license to drive a car in the quite a few countries, they let you drive off on your Indian license itself which is awesome because the best way to explore a new place is by hitting the road. You get to see places and landscapes you won’t otherwise.

Here are 10 Countries Where You Can Drive With Your Indian Driving License!

 1. United Kingdom

Top country in the list is the United Kingdom. With awesome countryside and elegant scenery, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to live in. Moreover, Isle of Man is the place to go for a road trip, because the United Kingdom also allows you to hit the roads with a valid Indian driving license for one year.

2. Australia

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory all let you drive against a valid Indian license. The Northern Territory does too, but with a caveat: you can drive for three months only. Do note that across Australia, you may only drive the vehicle that your Indian license allows you to drive.

3. Germany

In German, and indeed what a good day it is when you’re driving through the streets of this beautiful country. All you need is a valid Indian driver’s license and for the next six months, you can cruise along the lovely roads of Germany. Make sure you keep a German translation of your license and you’ll be good to go.

4. France

The culturally rich country of France is known for its natural beauty. You can explore the country by driving through its scenic locales if you take along your Indian driving license on your trip. France allows you to drive for a year against a valid home license. Carrying a French translated copy of your Indian driving license is mandatory.

5. New Zealand

Driving in the picturesque Asia-Pacific nation is easy for Indian visitors. First of all, you need to be 21 years old to get a car in New Zealand, which drives on left. Secondly, you can drive only those cars which are allowed by Indian license. Indian tourists can drive for a year with their home license. In case your Indian license is not fully or partially in English.

6. Norway

Norway, the land of the midnight sun, offers an unforgettable experience for visitors who decide to explore the country through road expeditions. As an Indian tourist, you are allowed to drive across the country for three months if you are in possession of a valid Indian driving license. Note that your driving license must be in English.

7. Mauritius

This small and enchanting island attracts a large number of visitors every year. Explore it by road and you will see a totally different side to it. Drive around for a year, only in the vehicle you mention in your license. Mauritius is pretty easy to go around and you can find road signs all along the way. It is relatively a small island and that is why you cover it up all in a single day. It is easy to hire a car in Mauritius as long as your license is valid and in English. Here you drive on the left side. Make sure you carry an International Driving permit with you.

8. Switzerland

The Alps, crystal clear rivers, beautiful never ending roads. It is a dream to drive in the country and you can live it up for one whole year. Yes, in Switzerland, you can drive on your Indian driving license. The crystal clear rivers and beautiful never ending roads, Switzerland allows you to drive in their country with a valid Indian driving license for a complete year.

9. South Africa

South Africa is very unique in its flora and fauna. You will be pleasantly surprised when you travel down the famous Garden Route. Ensure that your driving license is in English. Get ready for a unique and unforgettable driving experience of a lifetime.

10. Malaysia

You might have restricted yourself to the sand and the sun in your previous visits to this popular island nation. Try exploring it by road this time. Remember to carry a translation of your license form from the Embassy in Malaysia.

What are you waiting for? Carry your home license and roll the wheels down the postcard-like landscape far away from the Indian territory.

When traveling abroad you can use car rental services, which are quite common. But the best bit is that you get to see landscapes that you won’t be able to on a flight or a train. However, these aren’t the only countries that will let you drive with an Indian Licence if you know more countries do let us know in the comment section below.

Until then happy Travelling!

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