Here are 10 Best Underwater Caves In The World That You Must Definitely Explore

Water constitutes the major fraction of our Earth as oceans and water bodies. These deep oceans house in them beautiful underwater caves that have their own mysterious stories. Such underwater caves are explored by scuba divers and the experience is simply phenomenal. Are you one of those water enthusiasts who is amazed by the awesomeness of underwater life? Do you like to seek some form of adventure in your life? If yes, this post will surely give you some adrenaline rush. Take a look at these 10 best underwater caves in the world that you must definitely explore once in your lifetime.

1. Maldives Underwater Cave

It is one of the most stunning underwater caves in the world located in the Indian Ocean near the Dusit Thani in Maldives. The Maldives Underwater Cave is home to innumerable species of flora and fauna that includes illuminating plants, rare fishes and rare sea creatures. When you go scuba diving in this cave, you might get lucky to spot the rare glowing fish that inhabits this cave.


2. Underwater Caves at El Jacinto Pat

If you are crazy about marine life, this underwater cave in Mexico is where you should head to. This underwater cave at El Jacinto Pat is about 35 miles long and is located close to the famous Mayan city. There are several religious beliefs associated with this cave.


3. Ordinskaya Underwater Cave

The Ordinskaya Underwater Cave in Russia was the first and oldest underwater cave that was discovered by man. This cave is also renowned as the largest gypsum cave in the world. The Ordinskaya cave is so huge that some portion of it still remains unexplored.


4. The Submerged Caves of Mallorca

This one is the most dangerous underwater caves in the world that is sought after by adventure lovers. the inside structures of the Submerged Caves of Mallorca are rough and only professional scuba divers are allowed to discover this cave.


5. Cuzan Nah Loop

This is another intriguing underwater cave located in Mexico close to the Sak Aktun cave system. The Cuzan Nah Loop is the longest underwater cave in the world that is breathtakingly beautiful. Exploring this cave is indeed a treat for scuba divers.


6. Chinhoyi Caves

The Chinhoyi Caves is another mysterious underwater caves of the world located in Zimbabwe. This cave is considered unlucky by the locals as several divers drowned inside this deep cave, whose exact measurements remain a mystery.


7. Bahamas Cave System

Another risky underwater cave, the Bahamas Cave System is a thrilling expedition by trained scuba divers. The uniqueness of this caves are the fragile mineral deposits and the remains of animal bones in this sterile environment.


8. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole in Central America is the most preferred destination for professional scuba divers. The circular design of this underwater cave resembles blue pupil and is surrounded by reef system in its circumference. The Great Blue Hole is also famous for its mystical underwater geographical features.


9. Boesmansgat

This underwater cave in South Africa was first explored by Mike Rathbourne and is also known as Bushman’s Hole. The water is green in color in this cave due to the presence of illuminating plants and this sight is a delight to watch with naked eyes.


10. Vrelo Cave

The Vrelo Cave is the deepest underwater cave in the world that is located in between the river Treska. This underwater cave is also home to countless species of plants, animals, and birds.


These were some the well known underwater caves in the world. Each of these underwater caves are unique in their own sense and offer a completely different experience to the scuba divers. Put on your gear and get set go!

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