The Central Bank of Bangladesh said the cyberthieves laundered at least some of the funds through casinos in the Philippines.

A spelling mistake in an online bank transfer instruction helped prevent a $1 billion (about €890 million) heist last month involving the Bangladesh central bank and the New York Fed, banking officials said.Unknown hackers still managed to get away with about $80 million (€71 million), making it one of the largest known bank thefts in history.The hackers breached Bangladesh Bank’s systems and stole its credentials for payment transfers, two senior officials at the bank said.


Initially, the central bank was not sure if its system had been breached, but cyber security experts brought in to investigate found hacker “footprints” that suggested the system had been compromised, the officials said.

These experts could also tell that the attack originated from outside Bangladesh, they said.

Officials said the bank is looking into how they got into the system and an internal investigation is ongoing.