We all grew up watching amazing cartoons which used to air on cartoon network back in the 90′. I dare you, to disagree with me on this fact that it was the best era of cartoons. The current shows are just a bunch load of crap.

Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Quest, The Flinstones, Captain Planet, Powerpuff Girls and so many more cartoons which made our childhood more memorable.

source – behindthevoiceactors.com

I feel pity for the kids nowadays because they have to watch the crappy cartoons which are being aired nowadays. But, I’ve got a good news for both the generations. Ours and for the kids of today.

Guess who’s coming back? One of the most beloved shows of our time is coming back with new episodes and some new characters. Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

source – polygon.com

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Powerpuff Girls. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are coming back. New adventures for the city Townsville. But here’s the catch. There’s going to a new girl added to the legendary trio.

source – capitalfm.com

A fourth member of the girl gang. The name hasn’t been disclosed yet, but let’s just hope that she must bring something new to the show. I personally am not that happy with this decision, because, you know, the whole show was about the TRIO, but it’s alright. Change is inevitable. Let’s just hope that show turns out to be even better than it used to be!