Guess Who Won Ticket to Finale, Manveer Gurjar Or Manu Punjabi?

Finally, Bigg Boss 10 has reached to its final month and now the game is having tough competition between all the contestants. As we all know that Bigg Boss has given a task to reach direct in finale and it’s all about “ticket to finale”. All the contestants gave their best to get ticket but only two contestants got a chance to get the golden opportunity. We saw in last night’s episode Manu and Manveer got the chance to go to the mall and make vote appeals in public.

Finally because of ‘Ticket To Finale’ both were standing opposite to each other. They were taken to the mall in Navi Mumbai where they should ask for votes from their audience. Now it’s the time to reveal who has got and won the direct ticket of finale. From the best friends who won the ticket? can you guess who won Manveer Gurjar or Manu Punjabi? No need to worry we are here to tell you everything.

Guess Who Won Ticket to Finale, Manveer Gurjar Or Manu Punjabi? 1

We reveal the name who won the ticket to finale and it was a neck to neck competition. We reveal, none other than Manveer¬†Gurjar has made his first entry into the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10. Yes, it’s Manveer Gurjar who won the ticket to the finale. Manveer Gurjar got 135 votes and Manu Punjabi got 132 votes from the audience who were present at the mall. Manu lost the ticket just for 3 votes.

Well, after seeing Manveer’s performance throughout the season he deserves ticket to finale. In tonight’s episode, we will see how all the housemates will react after knowing the results of ticket to the finale. Will this bring a change in Manu and Manveer’s friendship? Do not miss tonight’s episode.

Stay tuned to us for more Exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10! Must watch the finale month of Bigg Boss 10.

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