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Guess Who is Evicted From Bigg Boss 10 House In This Weeks Double Eviction?

This week was hard for all the housemates as all of their things were locked for the luxury budget task….

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 19, 2016

This week was hard for all the housemates as all of their things were locked for the luxury budget task. They had gone through with struggle, fights, arguments, and much more. In Luxury budget task they had team Rohan and team Monalisa after two days task Rohan’s team won the Luxury budget task and he even became the captain of the house.Once again the Weekend ka Vaar is back and this time it’s different. This time again star host Salman will take the class of all the contestants. He will question them about the wrong things they did in the week.

This time contestants will get many surprises and shocks in this weekend ka vaar. In this week two contestants will be evicted from the house, Yes it’s true. There are Double evictions in Bigg Boss house.  Apart from all this the four contestants who are nominated this week are Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra, Lokesh, and Monalisa they are in tension. It’s hard to guess who will be out of the house this week. No need to worry, we reveal the name who is evicted this week. None other then Karan Mehra is evicted and it’s not so surprising. As we all know he was not seen participating much in any task.

Now, any guesses about the second contestant from Rahul Dev, Monalisa, and Lokesh. You will be shocked after knowing that Lokesh is the second contestant who is evicted from the show.


We can’t tell what will happen in Bigg Boss house. This time double eviction will give a big shock to all the housemates. Now we need to see what happens after Karan and Lokesh go out of the house. Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned with us and get all the news about Bigg Boss 10.

Double eviction In Bigg Boss house is happening today and, Karan Mehra and Lokesh are evicted this week from the house.

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