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Guess Which 4 Contestants Are Nominated After Scary Nominations In Bigg Boss 10.

The reality show Bigg Boss is fully packed with emotions, fights, drama and controversies. The 10th season is very interesting as it has two category Celebs and Indiwale. As we all are seeing day by day the show is becoming better and the audience is hooked to their small screen.

In last night’s episode, we saw the nomination task that has never happened in the house till now, how all the contestants have gone through the test of their relationships with each other to be safe from the nominations. There was one chair kept in the garden area and one by one when a phone rings contestant needs to sit and talk with Bigg Boss personally. Well, we know no one can stay away from nominations, unluckily some contestants have been nominated this time.

Guess who all are nominated for the next elimination round.

After the new and stressful task, we are going to tell you that which contestants are nominated for next elimination. Can you guess who are they?  There is four contestant from the house who are nominated for elimination. Unluckily Rahul Dev, Navin Prakash, Manveer Gujjar and Lokesh Kumari are nominated for the next eviction.

What you guys think who will be nominated this week. Who will be out of the house?? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below and stay tuned with us will be telling you all news about BB 10.


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