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‘GRAND THEFT AUTO: VI’ Is Finally Happening!

“Grand Theft Auto V” has been out for three years now and fans have been waiting for any sort of…

By Administrator in International News on March 31, 2016

“Grand Theft Auto V” has been out for three years now and fans have been waiting for any sort of news regarding the next main entry in the franchise. According to a report from Tech Radar, developers Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive may have already begun working on “Grand Theft Auto VI.” The report points out that the preliminary work for “GTA VI” has already begun but the studio has not yet decided on the game’s setting yet. This may be an indication that the developers are still working on a new game engine and may be working on new gameplay mechanics that may or not be implemented in the final version of the game.

“GTA 6” development might be taking up Nevada or Colombia as the new locations, after Tokyo got reportedly dropped. The release date for “GTA 6” is not the only concern among fans since the plot possibilities are also being taken into consideration. The upcoming installment might be the biggest “Grand Theft Auto” yet by Rockstar Games, according to Digital Spy. The game is projected to have twice as big as the current Los Santos and Blaine County “GTA” map, or even bigger to cover the whole USA.

“GTA 6” will take at least three more years to come out, which is a rational estimate. In addition, Rockstar is licensing Shatta Wale’s song “KAKAI” in the upcoming game. It is irrational for the game developer to license music three years ahead of the release of the game. “Grand Theft Auto VI” but it is likely that as the new game gets deeper into development a few teasers may be released within the year. The publisher may release a teaser trailer by the end of the year or by early 2017.

It’s unlikely we’ll be hearing about GTA 6 officially any time soon though.


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