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Google Doodle Celebrates Rio Olympics 2016 With Fruit Games

The Google doodle for today marks the beginning of the Rio Olympic 2016 season with Google’s own Fruit Games. The doodle features a video wherein colorful fruits can been seen racing and participating in different sports with much enjoyment.

Google also introducing an app of fruity games include a biking game, water polo, spider hurdle-jumping, pineapple tennis among many others feature interesting fruit participants that are certain to keep you glued to your phones. The Fruit Games, which you can participate in by tapping the Google Doodle on your Android and iOS devices, appears to have events planned that mirror the traditional contest held at the Olympic Games.

Primarily, Google will provide all the information you want via cards. These cards will pop-up when you search for relevant information via Google and will display information on event schedules, athlete information, etc.

Rio de Janeiro gears up for the mega sport event that is set to open on Friday. At an evening ceremony in Maracana soccer stadium, Brazil will declare open the 31st summer Olympic games and the first ever in South America.

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