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Global campaign: Earth Hour To be Maintained on 19th March

Millions of people from 178 countries are expected to take part in WWF’s Earth Hour this year, with monuments such…

By Administrator in International News on March 19, 2016

Millions of people from 178 countries are expected to take part in WWF’s Earth Hour this year, with monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Taipei 101 and The Empire State Building would go into darkness for 60 minutes from 8:30pm local time.

In Sydney, where the Earth Hour idea originated in 2007, many harbor side buildings fell dark as the city switched off for the tenth year in a row.


Earth Hour Australia manager Sam Webb said:


“We just saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge switch its lights off… and buildings around as well”


Earth Hour global executive director Siddarth Das said:


“From one city it has now grown to over 178 countries and territories and over 7,000 cities so we couldn’t be happier about how millions of people across the world are coming together for climate action”

“From living rooms to classrooms and conference rooms, people are demanding climate action”

“Earth Hour reminds us that while people are on the frontlines of climate change, they are also our first line of defence. Our actions today, as individuals and the global community, have the power to transform what the world will look like for generations to come.”


Aside from supporting Earth Hour, Super Malls has also been taking sustainability initiatives that include water recycling, energy efficiency, air quality, flood control support and responsible solid waste management efforts. Regular Trash-to-Cash activities are also conducted wherein the public can exchange specified recyclable or reusable trash for cash. In November 2014, Super Mall City North Edsa installed the country’s first commercial solar rooftop that produces 1.5MW of clean energy. Soon, more SM malls around the country will have solar panels on its rooftops.

Liza Silerio, director of the Super Mall said:


“Being present in more communities gives Super Malls the opportunity to empower everyone toward initiating change in how we treat the environment” 


Organizers hope this year’s Earth Hour can tap a “new momentum” in climate action following world leaders’ Paris agreement in December. That agreement set a course for global carbon emissions reduction to a net zero by 2100, shifting from fossil fuels in favor of greener energies such as solar and wind power.



So how are you going to contribute to this “Global campaign: Earth Hour” keep posting your comments!


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