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Glenn Maxwell Plans to Make His return in Test Cricket

Glenn Maxwell is the shining star of Australian Side in Cricket. He is one of the fastest batsman in the…

By Administrator in Cricket Sports on December 2, 2016

Glenn Maxwell is the shining star of Australian Side in Cricket. He is one of the fastest batsman in the Australian side. He have achieved much in his career within a blink of the eye. And he has not stopped soon, he has a lot be conquered.

He came in the eyes of selectors from the IPL few years back, every individual was mesmerized with his performance because he is the one who has got the skills, power and the speed. He has won many matches with his beautiful knocks.

His highest score in t20 international is 145*(65) against sri lanka and this score is 2nd highest individual score in t20 international and his current rank is 3rd in t20 really maxi is very eye catching player and with some beautiful shots in his bag, he is considered as a 360° player. The form does not always remains, Maxi’s form has also not been good for past few months but as it is said form is temporary, class is permanent. Maxwell will surely be back with a bang.

Destructive courier in ODI


Glenn maxwell is the king for odi format but has is not been consistent player in this format for this year. But 2015 cricket world cup is very incredible moment for his life his first match vs england he smashed 69 runs and 88 vs afghanistan and his 1st maiden century vs sri lanka.

He was awarded allan border medal in 2015 because he is the australian batsman who smashed second fastest 100 in cricket history. His current rank is 15 in odi because last month he was dropped in Australian side because his inconsistency.

Glimpse at The Test Career


Glenn Maxwell actually does not have any surprising stats in test cricket. He debut in test class 2 March 2013 against India. He played his last test on 30 October 2014 vs Pakistan. Currently he played over all 3 test for Australian side

His best score is 37 and have the total run of only 80 with only 7 wicket in test cricket. His batting average is only 13.3 but now it is the time for him to make a huge comeback in test cricket and improve the standings of Australian Side.

What Next For Glenn??


The national selector are thinking over it. And there may a opportunity for Glenn maxwell to make his return against New Zealand  but it is still doubtful that we will get a chance to see him play in test matches? As for now it’s confirmed but in February 2017 Glenn Maxwell will play test against india it is confirmed.

If Australian selector brood over Glenn Maxwell, it will give him the chance to be prepared for the other upcoming big events. It is the time for him to prove that he is the one of the consistent all rounder in cricket history.

That’s all from our side. Let’s see if Maxi really have the courage to be the best in test. Keeping all the negative things aside, if we see his ODI and T20 career we can hope that his return will benefit his team and the cricket universe too.

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