Ever wondered what a girl feels like when she wears a bra? There is famous saying that goes “You won’t understand someone’s situation until you get into their situation.” Yes, for women, they aren’t exactly a Godsend. While finding the right size can ease the problem girls face while wearing a bra. Also, there is no such thing what girl say as the super comfortable bra.

…..And when it’s on the problem begins!

1. Girls don’t want anything to come in their way of their nap, not even their bra.

2. Horrible! The rashes caused due to sweat because of wearing a bra.

3. And this revelation that proves bras have a twisted mind of their own.

4. Tight Bra! Breathing problems.

5. The uncomfortable popping out underwire.

6. Pissed! Wrong size bra.

For a girl, if she doesn’t wear a bra, everything will be visible which should not be, so it’s ideal for a girl to wear a bra.

Now it’s time for the boys…Ever wondered how guys would feel if they had to wear a bra all day? Of course, you didn’t. Cute, incredibly adorable and smart boys were challenged by the ladies to wear the bra and know what the girls go through when they wear them and need to experience at least once. Will they be able to do it?

Ouch! Now we understand their Problems..

1.Ouch! It’s so tight!

2. Yuck! The smelly sweat!

3. Help me.I cannot breathe!

4. Shit! Why are these straps twisting?

5. Itchy! Why the back of the bra pinching me?

6. I cannot sit nor stand. Walking is so uncomfortable.

We appreciate you girls for wearing this for the whole day and doing all the things we do and paying so much for this tight stuff which is so uncomfortable.

Have a look!