Gigi Hadid took to Instagram on Sunday to share the sad news with her fans, while she was remembering about her good times with her pet cat Chub, posting a couple of photos in his memory. The picture she uploaded featured Gigi Hadid lying on a bed and smiling into the camera as she cuddles her furry pet Chub, while we can see boyfriend Zayn Malik plants a big kiss on her cheek. According to, the image is likely to be months old as Zayn Malik is pictured with his blond tinged floppy locks, which he has since had cut off. Gigi Hadid captioned the picture saying “We love you always chub”


🙁 we love you always chub ???

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She also uploaded another image taken in black and white which showed Chub relaxing on a bed with another of her cats, which she posted on Twitter and captioned it as ‘Brothers’


Chub has featured in a number of Gigi’s social media posts in recent months and it appears he also took a liking to Zayn. One of Gigi’s earlier Instagram photos featured the pop star cuddling with the cute kitty, and the beauty simply captioned the sweet image with a heart emoji. On January 2, Hadid took to Instagram to share an intimate pic with her 11 million-plus followers: a shirtless Zayn Malik in black and white, petting one of her cats (maybe Chub?) with all of his man bling on display.

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The singer then took their relationship to the next level by recruiting Gigi to star as his love interest in the steamy video for his debut single, Pillowtalk.

If you’ve ever lost an pet animal, you know how devastated Gigi Hadid must be feeling right now after loosing her cat Chub.

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