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Get over Kissing prank Watch this Epic Dance prank Video of Two Guys dancing on road with Strangers.

What are really pranks? This should now be defined well to the society after the kissing prank by Sumit which was so disgusting. In this world, it is so difficult to make people laugh and enjoy for no reason everyone is finding a reason to be happy. When a person is dancing he/she is the most happiest dancing without any step in mind. Ohhh! The Ganpati dance is like a stress-free and so much of enjoyment no one cares what step are you doing nothing.
A video uploaded by TroubleSeeker Team where these two guys randomly take a ‘Dhol’ with them and a man who will play the Dhol. They roam whole day with the Dhol and request people to dance with them any person on the streets. Happiness isn’t age limited they have no barriers for age from small children to adults men women and old people they make them dance with them.
Who does not want to make people dance on their beats and make everyone happy? Dhol is one of the most favorite instrument to dance on it’s always present for the happiest moments of life. This is what is actually called prank then those ridiculous kissing pranks they are making people’s day without doing anything great. Follow such pranks nothing like molestation and kissing on streets to any girl.

Here is the video of the dance prank which will make you ROFL!

Chalo Let’s Nacho!

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